August 2018  
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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Backpacks, and paper, and crayons...  
but, oh my, many of our schools require students to wear uniforms and we have children who will only be able to attend classes  
if we are able to buy uniforms
Network Partners: 
We have a new partnership with a neighboring non- profit-organization.   El Arca is an Adult Day Program whose mission is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. Here they are bagging adult hygiene kits with supplies that came from
First Presbyterian Church Santa Monica's Mission Team in beautiful cloth bags made by
The American Sewing Guild, Glendora.  
Thank you El Arca for joining our Network and coming to volunteer one day a week!
Those we serve:
Ricardo is a 29-year-old young man newly diagnosed with testicular cancer and is receiving treatment at the Oncology Clinic. His social worker requested rent assistance. Ricardo was very grateful for the $200 Angel Interfaith Network was able to provide toward his rent.
Linda is a 25-year-old cancer patient at LAC+USC Medical Center. A relative is caring for her 6-month-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Her social worker alerted us to the need for some clothing and diapers for her baby. Linda was so relieved when Angel Interfaith Network was able to provide them.
Samuel is cancer patient being released from the jail ward at LAC+USC Medical Center. He has nothing and is being placed in an assisted living facility. The social worker requested pants and shirt size large, a pair of socks, Large Depends and some Ensure. Angel Interfaith Network was able to meet that need. "He was so happy." the social worker reported. "You should have seen the look on his face!"

Urgent Needs:  
Your donation of $40 sent to Angel Interfaith Network at 1911 Zonal Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033 will enable us to purchase a Uniform Gift Card from
Fallas Paredes Department Store that provides 2 pants, 2 shorts and 2 shirts for a student .
  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with  
 or call 323-226-6923 
Thank You!  

Artist John August Swanson designed our Sustaining Angel logo and has given us permission to send a frame-able 5 x 7-inch
Circle of Angels print to all of our new angels. If you aren't one already, we hope that you will enroll to be a part of our circle of Sustaining Angels.

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible. THANK YOU! 
Angel Interfaith is a project of  St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care
 323-225-4461 x111