February 2018  
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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  Valentine's Day
 is a good reminder that we are to  
Love Our Neighbors.
At Angel Interfaith Network we endeavor to do that by meeting the urgent unmet needs of patients and their families at  
LAC+USC Medical Center.
  Those We Serve:
Victor's mother was killed in a car accident.
Victor was injured. When the tiny eight-year-old was well enough to be released from the hospital his aunt needed a car seat for him,
because he was under weight.
Angel Interfaith Network was able to help.
We received a call from the Preemie Clinic that 4-month-old twins needed clothing and Pampers. Their father had lost his job and the family has two other children. Angel Interfaith Network made their day, providing baby baskets with all the items they needed.
Thanks to our Angel donors!
Marina was recently diagnosed with liver disease and can't work. Her husband just got a job in another city.
Her Social worker asked for help with a utility bill and food coupons. Angel Interfaith Network came through with assistance.
Jerome is a six-year-old boy who was hit by a pick-up truck and air lifted to LAC+USC Medical Center from a nearby city. His doctor requested a voucher for two more nights at the nearby motel where they were staying. Happily, Angel Interfaith Network was able to help, thanks to you! 
Network Partners:  
The Orthopedic Clinic & Rehabilitation Services staffs at LAC+USC held a Christmas fundraiser in our honor.  They collected adult towels and wash cloths and $300.00 in gift cards.  Orthopedic staff are pictured above.

Calvary Presbyterian Pre-School collected baby socks and toiletries for the Baby Baskets we assemble.

Shelter Partners has donated sweatshirts, athletic shoes, and underwear for the homeless along with some stroller for our babies. 
Urgent Needs:
Donations to keep utilities turned on
Gift Certificates to purchase food. 
  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with Office@AngelInterfaith.net  
 or call 323-226-6923 
Thank You!  

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible. THANK YOU! 
Angel Interfaith is a project of  St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care
 323-225-4461 x111
We invite you to attend our Annual Awards Luncheon Sunday, March 4th