June 2018  
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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  ...but urgent needs don't take a vacation...
Those we serve:
Elena is a single parent with Edgar, a 15-year-old son who was diagnosed with cancer two months ago. Edgar is in the hospital and Elena stays by his side, and is unable to work. The social worker requested help with rent and food coupons. Angel Interfaith Network was able to provide them.
Stevie is a young teenager who survived a gunshot wound. His social worker called to ask for a three-day emergency stay at a motel near the hospital for his parents and siblings who needed to be near him and away from their home for their safety. Angel Interfaith was able to help.
Network Partners: 
Ignatians West assigned three of their volunteers to St. Camillus Center this year and they shared them with us, which has been a tremendous help.
Elvira Quintos splits her time between Angel Interfaith Network and St Camillus Center. At AIN she gives administrative support including data entry and sending thank you letters to donors. The Ignatians West volunteer assignments are for ten months a year, but Elvira has offered to come in during the summer to keep the Service Report spreadsheet up-to-date.
Anna Hjorth works primarily at Angel Interfaith Network. She assists our Services Coordinator, Raquel Salinas, in organizing and packaging donated items for individual distribution .Her great organizational skills and enthusiasm in promoting our goal of neighbor to neighbor support is much appreciated.
Although most of Heather Preimesberger work is at St Camillus Center, she sent hand-written thank you letters to Angel Interfaith Network's end-of-the-year donors. She has also been working to identify additional granting sources.

Urgent Needs: 
VOLUNTEERS to work at the Gate House a few hours each week this summer organizing donated goods and packaging them for delivery. Call Raquel at 323-225-6923 for information.  

XXL men's clothes for homeless,

Ensure & Infant Car Seats 

  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with Office@AngelInterfaith.net  
 or call 323-226-6923 
Thank You!  

Artist John August Swanson designed our Sustaining Angel logo and has given us permission to send a frame-able 5 x 7-inch
Circle of Angels print to all of our new angels. If you aren't one already, we hope that you will enroll to be a part of our circle of Sustaining Angels.

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible. THANK YOU! 
Angel Interfaith is a project of  St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care
 323-225-4461 x111