December 2018  
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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Network Partners:  
Angel Interfaith Network could not do the work we do without wonderful partners who not only support, but actually do some of the work of our ministry. These amazing folks come in all sorts of angelic disguises.  
  • Some of us come into the Gate House to help sort, organize, and prepare things donated to give to patients at the hospital and their families.
  • Some of us share our creativity, talents, and time to prepare events in which other people encounter this ministry and share resources to support its needs.
  • Some of us attend meetings, write reports, and scheme about how we can better support the organization.
  • And some of us give generously of our resources.
Many thanks.   
Angle Interfaith Network helps people in need
because of all of us.
Those We Serve:
Sirena just gave birth to her fifth child, a boy. She lives in her car and is waiting to be placed in a domestic violence shelter. Her other children stay with her mother during the day, but at night they sleep in her car as they cannot stay with grandma. Angel Interfaith Network was able to help with a baby basket and a Pack N Play for the baby to sleep in. The social worker also requested size 4 Pampers for her 11-month-old. The social worker is working to find a safe place for Sirena and her family.
Roberto , is 32-years-old and legally blind. A tumor removal resulted in damage to the optic nerve. His wife Elena will be having back surgery in December. He and his wife sleep on the floor. They gave up their only bed to their three children. Roberto has not been able to provide for his family for several months now. Angel Interfaith Network was able to help with their utility bill as their service had been shut down. We were also able to help with food coupons. We are currently asking our donors if anyone has a queen-size bed to donate.    
Urgent Needs:
At our Gate House headquarters -  
a weekly volunteer to help in the office.   
For the patients -  
A Queen size bed for Roberto and Elena.  
See their story in Those We Serve.


Large and Extra Large Jackets for men  
as winter is coming. 

  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with  
 or call 323-409-6923 
Thank You!  

Artist John August Swanson designed our Sustaining Angel logo and has given us permission to send a frame-able 5 x 7-inch
Circle of Angels print to all of our new angels. If you aren't one already, we hope that you will enroll to be a part of our circle of Sustaining Angels.

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible. THANK YOU! 
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