April 2018  
Thank you for your neighbor to neighbor support of our services to the patients and families at LAC+USC Medical Center.  Below is our monthly newsletter.
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We are very glad that April Showers bring May Flowers, 
but our Partner's Baby Showers are really exciting!
Those We Serve:
Xavier , an orthopedic patient getting ready for surgery on both of his hands, is unable to work.  He is the sole provider for his wife and four children, with a baby on the way. His social worker asked for assistance with two utility bills and some food coupons. Xavier was most grateful. 
Baby John Doe , who had a feeding tube, was dropped off at his mother's friend's house.  When his mother disappeared for a few days and ended up in jail, the friend brought him to LAC+USC's emergency room.  She did not know how to continue feeding the baby and only had the clothes he was wearing when he was dropped-off.  A social worker called Angel Interfaith Network to request clothing and Pampers for this lovely 9 lb.  baby boy. Hopefully he will be placed with a family member soon.  
Crystal is losing a tremendous amount of weight due to her cancer.  She cannot work at this time and is low on funds.  The doctor recommended she take Ensure Supplement. Her social worker called us, and thanks to Shepherd of the Valley Church, we had a supply and were able to help.  

Network Partners: 
Jackie Ehlers  reported to us that The Parish of Saint Matthew ,
The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades,is going to have an event that starts in April and runs about five weeks through Mother's Day.   It won't be a single shower, but a request for donations going out to parishioners over a series of Sundays. What a help and blessing that will be for newborns at USC+USC   Medical Center who desperately need layettes.
  The Parish of Saint Matthew
has been a significant and long-standing Partner with an annual Outreach Grant to Angel Interfaith Network.

We are excited to have Iglesia De la Comunidad,  a Presbyterian Church in Highland Park, join us as a Partner. They delivered a van full of goods ­­- car seats, Pac N Play, high chair, warm fuzzy blankets, baby clothes, and more.   
They found out about us when a member attended the
San Marino Congregational Church Mission Market.
How wonderful that the word is spreading. Welcome!        

Urgent Needs: 
Infant Car Seats 
  If you have merchandise to donate please coordinate delivery with Office@AngelInterfaith.net  
 or call 323-226-6923 
Thank You!  

Artist John August Swanson designed our Sustaining Angel logo and has given us permission to send a frame-able 5 x 7-inch
Circle of Angels print to all of our new angels. If you aren't one already, we hope that you will enroll to be a part of our circle of Sustaining Angels.

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As always, your support is what makes our work possible. THANK YOU! 
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