Issue 4.31
August 3, 2018
From the President
With the mid-point of the summer season upon us, please consider patronizing some of our State Chamber members in the hospitality, museum and arts, and restaurant business! Not sure where to start? Check out our annual Restaurant, Meeting & Banquet Guide here. Whether you are exploring historic homes in New Castle, festivals in Dover or hitting some of our beautiful beaches, DSCC members are there to provide you with entertainment, a comfortable place to stay and a good meal!

Delaware Welcomes Angel Investor Tax Credits
by Helen Stimson and Ruby Harrington

Investment is inherently risky and business loans are not available to scientific and hightech startups that are pre-revenue. In the early stages, these companies are dedicated to intellectual property development to secure their market positions, which requires expensive research & development. To ensure innovative ideas are fostered, nearly 30 states across the country leverage their tax codes to incentivize private sector investment in scientific or high-tech small business.
Good News this Week
A number of good news items this week helps offset the crummy weather, including Ashland announcing they will be moving their headquarters from Kentucky to Delaware. Also in the news was a group, Capital Ideas, ranking Delaware first in innovation among the 50 states due to the high numbers of innovation patents awarded to Delaware businesses, at a rate of 20 utility patents per 1,000 people.

Now Accepting Applications
Superstars in Education is a statewide program recognizing best practices in the education community and innovative educational programs. If you have an outstanding program in your classroom, school or school district, apply now!
New President, New Partnerships at DCAD
Since its founding in 1997, Delaware College of Art and Design has strived to develop connections within all of its communities – educational, commercial, philanthropic and, of course, creative. The associations and partnerships these affiliations have bred enhance DCAD’s presence and ability to carry out its mission. And yet, despite 20 years of successfully creating relationships while developing artists, designers and its city locale, DCAD may not be as wellknown as one might think.

Wilmington University Partnership Center Helps Businesses Grow
If you ask area employers this question today, one of the first concerns is how an organization can attract and keep good employees. One key to attracting and retaining high caliber employees is to provide opportunity for continuing education and development. Enter the Wilmington University Partnership Center (UPC), an organizational outreach initiative that leverages Wilmington University’s high quality academic programs and certificates to help employers provide ongoing learning opportunities.

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