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St Paul's Church Newsletter: Friday, 12th May 2017
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F1 Grand Prix: Communion Service at 8 a.m. ONLY on 28th May.
Angela Barwell R.I.P.  

Candice Barwell is grieved to announce the death of her beloved mother Angela on Monday, 8th May at hospital in Nice. Angela is pictured here with her one time London Vicar, Bishop Michael Marshall, during his visit to Monaco in October 2016. The Celebration of Angela's life will take place at Saint Paul's Church on Monday, 15th May at 14:30.
News from Nick Humphreys in Guyana 

Nick Humphreys, pictured here in a Skype conversation with his father Tim, has sent a lively report from his Project Trust Gap Year placement as a primary school teacher in the village of Kato in Guyana. He reports that he is living in teachers' quarters next to the village school. "Out the back of the house is the rain forest as far as the eye can see; out front are the vast plains of the savanna. All around are local families living with only the bare essentials in mud huts they made themselves. Teaching has been very enjoyable. My class is nursery 2 (4 and 5 year olds) and they are a lovely bunch."

Children in Guyana

"Health and safety does not really exist here and the children travelled to a regional sports day crammed into the back of a truck! In my second month, one of the local kids came over to show me his new litter of puppies. I now have one of those puppies, she is called Lucy. I am busy training her and she will stay here when I leave to be looked after by the Project Trust volunteers who take my place. Currently I could not be happier with my life and I have all of you at St Paul's Church to thank! I will forever be grateful to you all for
helping me get to this amazing country and to be able to help my
school children in such a positive way."

  Click here to see Nick's full report with many wonderful photos.
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