SHENANDOAH, TEXAS (June 19, 2018) - Shenandoah Police Department was recognized for their efforts in the fight against DWI offenses as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) held their 2018 "Take The Wheel Law Enforcement Award and Recognition Event for Harris and Montgomery Counties" June 19.

The annual event recognizes officers, departments and agencies for their efforts to reduce the number of drunk and drugged motorists on Houston area roads. The officers of each agency submits the name of their officer with the highest number of DWI cases each year as well as the agencies that have the biggest impact in the fight to prevent needless accidents and deaths caused by impaired drivers.

Shenandoah Officer Jennifer Angeles was recognized for her DWI arrest record at Shenandoah PD. She was accompanied by City Administrator Kathie Reyer and her Patrol Lieutenant Troy Dunlap. Angeles is currently assigned to patrol under Sgt. Mark Brockhoeft. Angeles, who just finished her first year at SPD, had the most arrests despite spending half of the year with a training officer as an SPD rookie. The mother of two graduated from the Conroe Police Academy in 2016 and served a year there before coming to Shenandoah in 2017.

"I had wanted to be a police officer for a long time even though I had a successful career in a logistics business," said Angeles. "When Conroe Academy offered testing for a new academy in 2015, I was encouraged to take the test. I did, I passed and I was off to the academy. When I graduated, I stayed with Conroe for a year and then an opening occurred at Shenandoah and I applied. I love the department, have a great sergeant and work with a great team of officers at SPD."

Angeles said she loved the six months that she was on night duty because the chance to hunt those drunk or drug impaired is greater than on days when she is also having to answer more routine calls and most offenders have gone home to sleep it off. At night, she is freer to hunt for the impaired and get them off the road before they can hurt themselves or others. "It is a lot easier to spot a drunk as they drive 35 mph down I45 at night when no one else is around than when the traffic may cause everyone to drive at the lower speeds, providing places to hide."

Lt. Dunlap said the department was very proud of her recognition during her first year as a patrol officer. "She is an excellent team player, going out to help during every shift," he said. "She is always happy, polite, responsive and takes the job very seriously. We are extremely proud of her and she has definitely proven herself as an asset to the department."

Several of the officers recognized during the ceremony are not unfamiliar to the honor. We think Angeles may become a common name in Shenandoah and Montgomery County for her efforts. Night shift is coming soon and she will be hunting.
From left, Lt. Dunlap, City Administrator Kathie Reyer and Officer Angeles
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                           Debbie Pilcher, Communications MANAGER