Angelic Bakehouse announced recently that they are releasing a new sweet and savory 7 Sprouted Whole Grains Crisps line which will come in a variety of flavors including pickled sweet onion and beet, fig & tarragon vinaigrette, blueberry and zesty lemon, and harissa green chile and sweet potato.

Now is the perfect time for more healthy chips and crisps to come to the market because the healthy snack and chips market grew by more than $9 billion dollars in 2018 and it’s projected to grow by 4.5% through 2026. (Source – Grandview Research) 

A Different Type of Snack Cracker

The snack cracker market has changed in 2020 because most people are either tired of having the same old crackers like they had in the past or they want crackers that are classified as “healthy”.