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  "Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."  
 -Oliver Wendell Holmes

The new idea for four of our young musicians was that of learning the trombone, and they were successful in playing the shiny brass instrument.

But, because of issues--family health, work schedules, finances, and a new baby--these four  trombone students had their training interrupted. 

Each was eager to return. When they did,  Jeremy couldn't wait to check out his trombone.  Isai proudly played for St. Pat's Night along with Bryan, and Bryan makes sure his older brother is able to drive him to class. 

Luis, now has a baby sister and says, "I feel excited to come back to ACAM and learn the music for orchestra."

These are just four of over a hundred students who are being enriched with new ideas and knowledge about music, theatre and dance, each with a mind that will never go back to its original dimensions.

ACAM is proud to be stretching minds!

Ellen Sell
Angelica Center for Arts & Music
        . . . bringing peace, hope and understanding! 

Thank You,   
Leo Buscaglia Foundation 
Angelica Center for Arts and Music thanks the Leo Buscaglia Foundation  for their support of the 2016 Spring Session at ACAM.

By partnering with the Leo Buscaglia Foundation we are able to help further their mission of "Building community spirit by helping people to help others," and they are assisting ACAM to build community spirit through arts education in the Pico Union neighborhood of Los Angeles.   
ACAM Recorder Students Perform for Southern California Recorder Society
Playing soprano, alto, tenor and bass instruments, six ACAM recorder students performed "Rondo" by Purcell before the March 5 meeting of the Southern California Recorder Society.  During the meeting the six young musicians sight read music along with the recorder orchestra of over fifty adults and received many compliments on their performance and musicianship.  Their instructor, Paula Sirola is a member and librarian for the SCRS.   
St. Pat's Night Performances
One hundred and one ACAM students performed in 24 class performances for St. Pat's Night on March 18.  From February 1 to the middle of March, teaching artists prepared actors, dancers, instrumentalists, pianists and singers to show what they have accomplished. 

"I love to show what I have learned," is repeated again and again by the students.

Trombone Trio perform a canon and selection in three part harmony with Bill Masonheimer.

Flute quartet play "Sakura" with Enio Palomino on guitar.

These Violin 2 students share a serious concentration with the rest of their class as they play with Val Mitchell.

String and Wind Chamber Orchestra perform "Trumpet Tune" by Clarke with Bill Masonheimer and Val Mitchell

Recorder 4 on soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders combine with Guitar 3 in Ensemble to perform "Ojos azules" with Enio Palomino and Paula Sirola.

Recorder 3 students play "Pavanne" on soprano recorders with Paula Sirola.

Guitar 2 prepare to play "At My Grandparents" and "Chocolate Ice Cream" Enio Palomino.

Beginning and Advanced Drums entertain with both buckets and trap set with Josued Hidalgo.

Theatre 2 begin their scene as a group of bored children as they enact "Going on a Bear Hunt" with Ute Iaconis

Ballet students demonstrate newly learned moves Julianna Bulgarelli has taught them.

Li'l Tot Singers become animals in the "Crocodile" song with Ellen Sell.
Seven year old is first of 4 to play from Mercedes Reyes' piano studio.


Parents, Board Members and Students make St. Pat's a Success 


Students and parents organize prizes and sell food.
Parents are ready to capture student performances.

Board Member Ana del Castillo and Volunteer Rita Martinez greet guests at the door.
Parent Lidia Dean emcees St. Pat's program
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May 21
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Recorder Master Class
May 23-28
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May 29-June 12