December 2016
The Monthly Newsletter of ACAM
Issue No. 42
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Dec. 2
Guitar Recital
Dec. 9
Piano  Recital 
Dec. 14 
Family Movie Night
Dec, 15 - Jan. 17
Happy Holidays!
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ACAM students  realize the importance of working together, of connecting with each other: in class, in ensemble and by  helping each other.
  • We actually get to practice with people because in most music we have to play with other people. - Kennedy 12 

ACAM students feel strongly about helping each other and are proud to do so.  And, they begin young!

  • I felt like they were learning faster because of me.  I am a very old student at ACAM.  I have been there since I was five years old.  - Maya 8
  • It feels good when the teacher tells you to help. -Betzaida 11
  • When you help others, you feel like a dependable person. -Leslie 13
Parents work together when they organize the snack bar, garage sales and performance events. 
By working together and helping each other,  youth and parents create a friendly, supportive community at ACAM, one we are grateful to have in this month filled with uncertainty and loss.    

Ellen Sell
Angelica Center for Arts & Music
        . . . bringing peace, hope and understanding! 
  In Memory 
The Rev. Carlos Paiva
We remember and celebrate the life of The Rev. Carlos Paiva who entered into Eternal Life on November 22 during a visit to his home country of Peru. Born in 1950, he trained in Physics and Chemistry in Peru.  In the United States he studied theology and was ordained into the ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  For the past 26 years he was pastor at Angelica Lutheran Church, Los Angeles and a leader in Latino ministry in the United States.
Pastor Paiva dedicated himself to identify, nurture and develop new disciples for Christ to serve as leaders in the church and also in the public arena.  He was a founding member of New City Parish following the 1992 civil unrest and an ambassador of goodwill in Pico Union.  In 1991, he began the annual Thanksgiving Dinner which serves up to 1,000 each year in the neighborhood.
In 2010 he helped found Angelica Center for Arts and Music, and for the past seven years served as Vice President of its board.  His interest in arts and music began in Peru where he and his wife had a theatre company. He regularly played his guitar and sang for church and social functions at Angelica.
He was proud of Angelica Center for Arts and Music, and we owe much of our success to his support and guidance.    
A memorial service will be held on Saturday, December 10 at 11:00 a.m. at Angelica Lutheran Church, 1345 S. Burlington Avenue in Los Angeles.   
Working Together in Ensembles 
Guitar, Percussion and Recorder Ensemble

The ensemble played two selections of music from Cuba, "El Manicero"and "El Bodeguero." Enio Palomino, Paula Sirola and Josued Hidago prepare these young musicians
ACAM Chorus

The chorus began in Latin with "Jubilate Deo," a Taize song.  "Zum Gali Gali" followed, sung in Hebrew and to end, "Dansi Na Kuimba" in Swahili.
String and Wind Orchestra
The orchestra played "The Parting Hour"by Schubert, "Poor Wandering One" by Sullivan, "Integer Vitae" by Flemming and "We Wish You a "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" to put the audience in the holiday spirit. 

Bill Masonheimer arranged all of the numbers for the ensemble. Juli Emmel, Enio Palomino and Hunter Harris prepare the orchestra.

Theatre 2 perform "Phoebe and George."

Each of the three classes of theatre presented a play based on folktales. The students and Joyce Lee update the stories and write scripts especially for each cast.

 is Active in December!


Guitar Recital
On December 2 at 6 p.m. the ACAM   Guitar Recital will feature solo performances by the guitar students of Enio Palomino. 
Piano Recital
December 9 at 6 p.m. the students of Mercedes Reyes will perform individually in a Piano Recital.

Family MOVIE Night

December 14
5 p.m.
Angelica Auditorium

Featured Movie
 "Inside Out."
The $10 ticket includes popcorn and drinks for 4!
Come for the prizes. 
Fun for the whole family.
    Upcoming Dates

Dec. 2
6 p.m.
Guitar Recital
Dec. 9 6 p.m Piano Recital
Dec. 14
5 p.m.
Family Movie Night
Dec. 15 - Jan. 17