January 2017
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Issue No. 43
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"Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress,
working together is success."
                   -Henry Ford
Coming together happened at Angelica Center for Arts and Music in 2010. Seven teaching artists met with twenty students during a three day week for students to take seven classes.  A Beginning!
Staying together over the next seven years saw the number classes grow to 33 and being offered twice a week. Fourteen teaching artists now deliver arts instruction to over 225 students. Progress!
Working together in classes, in ensembles and recitals, students have achieved success! In 2016 students have
  • participated in 14,200 classes
  • performed in 15 public concerts
  • performed at 8 events
As we head into our eighth year, we at ACAM are grateful to you, our supporters, for helping us provide quality arts education to the children in Pico Union.

Ellen Sell
Angelica Center for Arts & Music
        . . . bringing peace, hope and understanding! 
Thank You
for the Holiday Party
and for your
Monetary Support!

AEG invited ACAM students and parents to a Season of Giving Celebration on December 20 which began with students and parents skating at the L. A King's Ice Skating Rink at L A Live!  

Erikk Aldridge welcomed families to a del icious dinner at the L.A. Convention Center.  Afterward, students won prizes as they tossed rings on the reindeers' antlers and tried to give Rudolph a red nose.  Kids even took  pictures Santa Claus.
Three first time skaters were fast learners!
ACAM girls are checking their list with Santa.

As part of their Season of Giving, AEG presented ACAM with a check for Angelica Center for Arts and Music to continue providing classes for youth.

ACAM is proud to partner with AEG to provide arts education classes in dance, music and theatre in the Pico Union Community.

ACAM students and parents gather at  L. A. Live after skating.

15 Guitarists Appear in Recital 
Enio Palomino poses with guitarists and their certificates following recital.
Fifteen guitar students of Enio Palomino performed in recital at Angelica Center for Arts and Music on December 2.  Below are YouTube videos of two of the performances.  Students range in age from seven to fourteen and have been studying two to five years.  

"Verse for a Walk"
Recital - Guitar Student
Video of Guitar Student in Recital

"Divertimento" By Antonio Cano
Video of Guitar Student in Recital

Recital Showcases Pianists

Mrs. Mercedes Reyes plays Chopsticks with a beginning student. 

A second year students performs three pieces.  

F ourteen piano students of Mercedes Reyes performed in recital on December 9. Each pianist played at least three pieces and the composers ranged from Beethoven to modern day jazz.  
Pianist proudly display their certificates following the recital.
    Upcoming Dates

Jan. 7    Saturday
10 a.m.  
Required Registration Meeting
Jan. 17  Tuesday 4 p.m Classes Begin
for registered students