May 2016
T he Monthly Newsletter of ACAM
Issue No.  36
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Important Dates 
May 21
Music - Spring Showcase #1
May 23-26
Music Juries
May 25
Drum & Electronic Piano Spring
Showcase #2
May   27

Dance & Theatre - Spring Showcase #3
May 28
Recorder Master Class
June 3
Piano Recital -Spring Showcase #4
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"The betterment of a community
directly depends on the betterment 
of lives
in that Community."
- Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha       

Our parents tell us that as a result of their ACAM experience their children:

  • have become more responsible
  • are more self-directed, managing practice, homework and play time
  • are empowered by knowing they are capable and able to achieve
  • have become more social and cooperative
  • have improved their focus and self-control.

What these children are learning contributes to the betterment of the lives in Pico Union and in the surrounding community.  

Thank you for helping us make this possible!

Ellen Sell
Angelica Center for Arts & Music
        . . . bringing peace, hope and understanding! 

  Thank You, PSHA!    
Angelica Center for Arts
and Music  thanks   the Pasadena Showcase House
for t
he Arts for awarding ACAM funds in support of
our seven-week Summer Festival. 

PSHA  supports music education.  We are privileged to be their partner and provide music classes for youth in the Pico Union area.        

Board President and Parents Raise Money for ACAM
Board President Angelica Hess hands  fundraising tickets to Aracelia Ramirez and Katrina Figueroa. 

To show their appreciation for ACAM, parents  have organized fund raising projects to help support classes so their children are able to continue studying music, dance, and theatre.

Under Board President, Angelica Hess' direction, Elena Marin, (left in picture above) along with Silvia Vargas and several other parents have opened a snack bar to help raise funds. Parents donate food items to sell.  Parents bring various gift items for drawing prizes, including a 32" TV donated by Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Andres for the May fundraiser.  

The parents are proud of the proceeds they are able to turn over to help support the program at Angelica Center for Arts and Music.  
Zephyr Brass Quintet
Performs for ACAM

On April 5, the Zephyr Brass Quintet of the Gluck Fellows from USC's Thornton School of Music performed in concert for the students, families and friends of ACAM.  Their selections included ones from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Frozen," plus music written for large spaces like the Angelica Church sanctuary.

Five brass musicians conducted the performance in a guided rehearsal format.   Before playing each piece, the leader explained what musical elements they would be trying to improve. After playing a piece or part of one, the musicians would discuss their progress. For young musicians seeing how these accomplished artists approach practicing and working together was a valuable lesson.    
The Zephyr Quintet includes two trumpets, a trombone, French horn and a tuba.
ACAM students have a close up demonstration of the Zephyr's tuba.
The trumpeter shows students her music and her instrument.
Master Teacher Tom Axworthy to Work with ACAM Recorder Students

Mr. Axworthy teaches at Rio Hondo College and the Claremont Graduate School. 

Master Teacher Tom Axworthy will be the guest artist for the May 28th Recorder Master Class being underwritten by a grant from the American Recorder Society. Initiated by Teaching Artist Paula Sirola, this grant provides for Mr. Axworthy to teach and work with Ms. Sirola and her ACAM recorder students on May 28.                   

Mr. Axworthy teaches regularly for early music workshops presented by the San Diego Early Music Society, the Southern California Recorder Society, the San Francisco Early Music Society and the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts.  

He holds a degree in Musicology from California State University with graduate work in musicology, music history and saxophone.   

ACAM Welcomes Three Teaching Artists
ACAM welcomes  Clavis Ballard,  Nicolas Maldonado and Dora Ballard to the our teaching artist staff.  Each of these artists loves working with youth and joins ACAM as a volunteer.

Clavis Ballard assumes the position as Cello Teaching Artist.
Clavis Ballard, cello, has served as Principal Cellist with the Bellflower Symphony Orchestra as well as a being a member of various community orchestras. He taught orchestra and instrumental music at Griffith Middle School and Garfield High School and is now retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District. He holds both a BA and MA in Music from California State University, Los Angeles.

Nicolas Maldonado begins as Saxophone Teaching Artist.
Nicolas Maldonado, saxophone, has a Bachelors of Music Performance-Jazz Studies from UC Irvine. A saxophonist, composer and arranger, Nicolas has created a unique composition and improvisation voice that is all his own and leads a jazz-fusion ensemble. At UCI he studied under Kei Akagi, former Miles Davis pianist, and continues to perform throughout Southern California. 

Dora Ballard at 92 is excited about accompanying the ACAM Chorus.
Dora Ballard, accompanist, has played in Los Angeles with the Cathedral Choir and Children's Choir at Trinity Baptist Church for 20 years and  the United Methodist Male Chorus for six.  She served as pianist for the choral music class at Griffith Middle School and has accompanied various other groups.  She is a retired educator from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

   Upcoming Dates
May 21
3:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Music -
Spring Showcase #1

May 23-26  
In class sessions
Music Juries
May 25 
5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Drum and Electronic Piano -
Spring Showcase #2
May 27
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Dance and Theatre -
Spring Showcase #3
May 28 
10:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Recorder Master Class
June 3

Piano Recital -
Spring Showcase #4
May 29 - June 12

VACATION - Group Classes
June 13 - July 30

Summer Class Session