Monthly Update | February 2020
Save the Date: Media Literacy Week 2020
We hope you will join us for the sixth annual Media Literacy Week from October 26-30, 2020! It's never too early to start thinking about activities, lessons, or events that you can do to celebrate Media Literacy Week, which is just one week before the 2020 U.S. elections. We'll be updating our website in the coming months with tools and resources that you can use. And if you have any ideas or suggestions about what NAMLE can do to make Media Literacy Week a success, let us know at . Stay tuned for more information!
October 26-30, 2020
Media Literacy in the News
“You can start when children are very young. In fact, you should.”
This story from the Guardian looks at the results of Finland's media literacy curriculum which aims to engage students to become active, responsible citizens and voters by being able to detect various types of false information. The curriculum, created in 2014 after the country was first targeted by fake news, teaches critical thinking, fact checking, interpreting and evaluating. [ read more ]
How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids in the Digital Age
In this article from Wired , media literacy experts, including NAMLE founding president Faith Rogow, encourage parents to get their children to think critically about the media they’re consuming, by instilling basic media literacy skills early in life. The article includes age-appropriate ideas and resources to start incorporating media literacy at home. [ read more ]
Angelina Jolie to produce BBC Show to help kids spot fake news
NBC News writes about how actress Angelina Jolie and the BBC will produce a show that explains the stories behind news and provides information that can help students over the age of 13 become media literate about important international issues. [ read more ]
M-Passioned: Meet Our Members
Scott Clarke
Associate Professor, Digital Communication
School of Arts and Humanities
Black Hills State University

"I became a NAMLE member because I am passionate about media literacy. I am pushing for a media literacy course at my university that would be required of all graduating students because I see a growing distrust of anything presented in the news among my students. They assume that all political information is biased, and not worth their time. They also want to live inside a media bubble, listening only to news that agrees with their own views." [ learn more ]
Updating the 5Ws for a New Media Literacy
The Connected Learning Alliance encourages people to revisit the questions who, what, where, when, and why. While these questions are still as important as ever, technology and the explosion of content has changed how to access, evaluate, and disseminate information. Here are some different ways to ask the 5Ws for a fast-paced and information-saturated world. [ learn more ]
NYT Learning Network Lesson of the Day
A new version of “Sesame Street” will be made available to children displaced by the war in Syria. In this lesson from The New York Times Learning Network, students will learn more about the show using media literacy skills and apply those same skills to analyzing other children’s TV shows.
[ learn more ]
Civic Literacy: Growing Voters
The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) published a list of 18 ways that youth under 18 years old can contribute to elections. Some tips include supporting family and friends' participation and researching issues and policies that come up during the election cycle. [ learn more ]
CPB & Sesame Workshop Announce New Project
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop announced a new research project to investigate and understand the media habits of children ages 8-18. The project will identify how public media can engage young audiences and adapt to their evolving media practices. [ read more ]
Facebook Media Literacy Initiatives
In October, Facebook announced an investment of $2 million to support media literacy projects that empower people to make informed decisions on what to read and share online. MediaWise and NAMLE’s Organizational Partners News Co/Lab, and PEN America joined as partners to create new programs and resources for people ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections. [ read more ]
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