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Rev. Joanne Blum, Minister
Unity of Delaware holds in-person services at our church home, at 4277 Columbus Pike (Rte. 23) every Sunday at 10:30. Our service is also live streamed on Facebook (UCDonFacebook) and previous services are archived on Youtube (UCDonYoutube). In compliance with current Covid-19 policies of the CDC, WHO, and local municipalities, Unity of Delaware requires masks at our in-person services. Everyone's safety is our primary concern. We hope you'll join us soon in whatever way works best for you.
Unity Church of Delaware
"Angels Among Us" by Rev. Joanne Blum
Sunday, Jan. 16, 2022
With music by Michael Kontras, Joe Lambert, Joanne Blum
An angel is an "agent, attendant, or messenger of God." Imagery of angels often depicts them in human form, with wings, flying above us, or looking down over us in a protective way. In actual experience, though, angels appear in a vast array of forms, both visible and invisible. Angels are indeed among us, thank God, and sometimes . . . they are us. See Unitydelawareohio.org for details or directions to our church. Or join us on Facebook: UCDonFacebook Or Youtube: UCDonYoutube

Burning Bowl Service (1-9-22)
"Sharing the Light"

Lynda McClanahan -- aka Swami Mirananda -- explores the why's and how-to's of spreading positive spiritual contagion in a troubled world.

Unity Church of Delaware's mission is to cultivate our oneness with God through love, learning, prayer and service.
Unity offers practical spiritual teachings that empower kind, abundant, and meaningful living.
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