January 2018

Tube notching is a common application for Multicyl.  T ypically it is the standard 90 degree variety that we provide solutions for, as that is a common application in industry.  

In this case the customer had an application which required a tube to be welded on a 45 degree angle to its mating part.  We used two small satellite cylinders to accommodate the part for the application (some parts were bent such that they went over top of the cylinders during the notching process) in conjunction with two custom notch tools.  

The tube is first punched by the depth unit which cut the notch to the appropriate depth, and then it is transferred to the angle unit which cuts the notched tube to match the 45 degree angle.   The result was a perfectly 45 degree alignment ready for welding.  

Click on the picture below to see the unit in action, and if you have a tube notching application don't hesitate to contact us .

Click to see unit in action
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