Nov. 23, 2013

An Open Letter to Robert, the Blasphemer

Just the other day, I overheard some disturbing chatter in the office here at The Sons of Liberty.


It seems that some of the young lady staffers here were rather red-faced over an angry email we received that showed no small amount of criticism toward our CEO, Bradlee Dean.


The email shows just what we lovers of freedom and the Constitution are up against. The best I can do is to write this open letter to the email's writer, who only described himself as Robert.



Your letter greeted Bradlee as "loathsome, despicable and evil."


Now that hurts. Your attack was like stepping into a Minnesota cow pie. On the contrary, we at The Sons of Liberty work hard to reshape America, especially its young people, with the Judeo-Christian values found in our Constitution.


You also accused him of being a "hypocritical, lying, hateful bigoted sack of dog waste." I wouldn't even insult a dog that way. In fact, you called him no less than 82 names. Your email could serve as a thesaurus for four-letter words, if it wasn't for all the misspellings.


I will refute three of your arguments:

1. You tell us that we want only 
"to impose an evangelical Christian theocracy on America," and that we are part of the 
"Christian taliban."


Oh, yeah? Tell that to our founding Fathers. They will tell you that America should be governed by its founding documents, following the moral law, the way they intended. They were aware of tyrants dictating religious beliefs at the expense of the people's liberty, and would not allow that to happen in America. In case you missed your seventh-grade civics lesson, Robert, you should know that these men worked hard to ensure, in our First Amendment, that Congress not be guilty of "prohibiting the free exercise" of religion.


Or was that idea brainwashed out of your head by watching too many episodes of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC?

2. Your attack on our Christian belief on abortion, adultery, and homosexuality is fraught with errors.


Hah! The so-called "right to privacy" you mentioned is a mere catch-phrase to protect vile behavior - behavior that destroys the social fabric of our society. Be honest, Robert - Call abortion what it really is: the murder of 3,500 defenseless children - daily - in America.


Can you acknowledge the dishonesty of adultery? The consequences of broken families? The unnatural acts of homosexuality, which violate God's plan for marriage, laid out in Genesis? Or denying children the right to a mother and father? You have not made a valid argument to justify these offenses to God's law, which sow havoc and discord amidst society. Instead you take the argument off the table, hiding behind your anonymous banner of "private matters."

3. Finally, you have the audacity to tell Bradlee, "put a gun to your head and shoot yourself!"


How awful. We here at the Sons of Liberty would not wish the same to you. In case you don't know it, you too are made in God's image and likeness and need redemption. Your rhetoric is what separates the good guys from the bad.


Your attitude falls far short of the example set by Abraham Lincoln, who at the end of the Civil War, asked us all to act, "with malice toward none, and charity toward all." Can you imagine our illustrious 16th president peering at your email, mobile device in hand, and recoiling in disgust?  

Lightning Rod


Robert's letter reveals an awesome truth: God's Word says, "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil...." (Luke 6:45)


We at The Sons of Liberty won't let Robert's raunchy outburst set us back. We, like any prophet, unwittingly become a lightening rod for the enemies of the truth. Why? It's because while we're talking at school campuses, county fairs, and giving interviews to nationally-known ministries, we're effective at being doers, not just hearers of the Word. We receive letters and words of thanks all the time, from parents, school administrators, from those in all walks of life - for bringing the truth to America.


It's not easy for Bradlee Dean to get hateful letters laced with threats, especially when he has a family to protect. But that won't silence The Sons of Liberty. We trust in God's providence and protection from our enemies.


Why not get involved? Our ministry, based in Annandale, MN, and nationally-syndicated radio program can be followed at Sons of Liberty Radio. Or like Bradlee on his Facebook page. You can also show us your support by making a monthly pledge to our ministry.




Kevin Banet


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