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This winter quarter has slipped by so quickly, I think my last newsletter I was saying Happy New Year! Now I'm saying happy half way through spring! And, in no time, I will be slipping into that blue water with my dolphin friends!


Aside from my regular daily chats with animals and writing the new book, teaching Animal Communication has been at the forefront of every month. In February I had a wonderful class in Boynton Beach, Florida and in March I taught in Laguna Hills, CA. Yes, I planned that correctly due to anticipated grey skies in the Seattle area during those months!


Then April brought the big Animal Communication workshop, the graduation for Communication with all Life University and then Animal Alchemy, Energy Healing for Animals and their humans, the following weekend. The next thing you know, I'll be on the dolphin trip in Bimini!  


By bringing a student in from Colorado via skype, we added a whole new dimension to the weekend workshop! She didn't miss a beat. She was able to participate in both weekend workshops in April. We even had her placed in the barn aisle just perfectly to be part of the energy healing with dogs and horses!



The best part is she was placed in a spot where she could see behind me. When I saw her giggling, I knew it wasn't something funny that I had said, I knew my cats were on the counter! (My cats tend to show off when people are here, particularly if my back is to the sink!)

That means that if you were thinking about one day studying with me and were inhibited by the travel idea - you can join a class now as early as July! I have my 3 day classes here in Washington quarterly (mid Jan, April, July and October) and you can join any or all of those months now!


Here is a little blog post on the workshops and the graduation: http://www.communicationwithalllifeu.blogspot.com/




As always, it is disappointing and scary to hear about the food and treat recalls for dogs and cats. Even the horse feed now has tainting in the molasses. It certainly creates a sense of being out of control. That alone is why I feel very empowered by being a Dynamite Distributor. At least all of the horse feed and dog food comes out of the mill that is owned by Dynamite and it is the only thing that is going through there.


Whether it is a food or a supplement, the ingredients are human grade and organic. I LOVE the new dog supplement that combines the vitamin/mineral with the joint supplement. I wrote a product review on


At the end of May I will be at East West Books. In early June, I will be in Florida. The events are in the right column and always on my website.  And, in July, another animal communication weekend workshop!


I've also added a very fun class July 20th with Wild Reiki Shaman, Rose De Dan - "Animals, Our Healers, Our Teachers",  for more info:  http://reikishamanic.com/2013/03/animals-as-healers-and-teachers-at-harmony-farm/


I am starting an all new EFT series - Emotional Freedom Technique free teleseminar series on July 1, August 5 and September 9. The series is called Rescue is not a breed!.....July 1st will deal with our projections and fears around animals in shelters and rescues.  August 5th will help us with our own "rescue" at home, to help integrate them more as an adopted member of our family.  September 9th will be about compassion fatigue for the people who work in and around rescues.


Have a great rest of your spring!


Joan Ranquet


Animal Communicator, Author, Speaker and Founder of Communication with all Life University

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Bahamas June 9 - 14th 2013 or June 16 - 21st 2013  Details



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May 31st    7:00 am - 8:30 pm



Beginning Animal Communication 

June 1st    11:00 am - 5:00 pm



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Communication with All Life Guided Meditation

Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals - Hear, Heal and Talk with Your Pets to Know What They're Thinking FREE BONUS of Communication with all Life Guided Meditation
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Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2012-02-02

Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals - Hear, Heal and Talk with Your Pets to Know What They're Thinking FREE BONUS of Communication with all Life Guided Meditation
by Joan Ranquet by Communication with all Life University Press.




"I'm hoping that when they say 'The meek shall inherit the earth' that they are actually referring to the canines."  ~ Radleigh Valentine                 RadleighValentine.com



"To me, the equine is a better friend to the human than the canine friend. We co-created our current society with the horse. The dogs have benefited from our friendship.....and of course, we have benefited by befriending the cat. In the meantime, we couldn't have done it without the horse."  ~ Joan Ranquet
Photo by Corinne McNeely




The Law of Expectation


I have a horse name Rollie. Before I committed to buying Rollie, I rode him for a couple of months one summer. I had heard and had no reason to believe otherwise - that Rollie was tough to trailer. In non horsey words, he would not get in the trailer. He would put up a big stinking fight!

I wanted to take lessons with a trainer that was at a different barn, 40 minutes from the barn where Rollie lived. In order to get him to the lesson, he had to get in a trailer. I lived an hour from the barn where he was living. I know this is starting to sound like one of these equations that we would figure out how many people are left on the bus, but this does get easier!

In other words, to get to a noon lesson, in a perfect world, I could leave my house at a reasonable time. Rather, I left my house at 6:00 am to get to the barn at 7:00am to have a big fight over getting in the trailer for about 3 hours, drive 40 minutes, tack him up, warm him up, and then have my lesson at noon.

After the lesson, the "fight" to get him back into the trailer was not as dramatic. Everyone was exhausted, he would get back to his barn and I would drive home. My cat would greet me with that disdain of "my, you've been gone a long time!" If only she knew it was only for 1 lesson!

I built my Wednesdays around the fight of getting in the trailer. I took an entire day off of work once a week that summer just so that I could maintain the expectation that Rollie would not get in a trailer. I was not only supporting it, I was in fact enabling, if not contributing to it greatly! And, I was an animal communicator!

Mind you, I have moved Rollie from the Seattle area to the Denver area to South Florida and back. Within in those areas, I have also moved him to different barns. He does get in the trailer. After much seeming coercion. And a lot of cussing.

A few years ago, I decided to do something about this. I had a natural horseman friend named Scot Hansen of http://www.horsethink.com/ work with me and Rollie. Scot had me do what I normally do - so he could watch and assess what to do from there. I walked Rollie to the trailer and right before he was about to go in, he pitched a giant (and he is big so I really mean giant) fight. He reared, he acted like an oversized baby, etc. And so what did I do? I got bigger and bigger.

At some point in the middle of us matching each other and then one upping the big energy, I realized how fun this was for Rollie. I mean, it was a regular game and I don't know how I had never caught on to that. At that point, I was tired, I'd exhausted my swear words and I handed the horse over to Scot.

Scot got him in the trailer relatively quick.

The next morning, Scot was to come over again to work with us. Before I got out of bed, I visualized how I wanted it all to go. I visualized that I would get up and feed animals, from there, I would have an easy breezy morning, I would waltz to the barn as Scot arrived and easily and effortlessly get Rollie in the trailer.

When Scot arrived, I got Rollie out of his stall and walked him straight into the trailer. There may have been a mini hesitation - for the most part, Rollie went straight into the trailer.

Scot asked me what I had done differently. I said I took both of our advice. I always talk to clients about visualizing the outcome so that was my first step. Then I used Scot's calm cool, non-emotional demeanor. And it worked.

When it's our animal that is not behaving the way we want, we have a lot at stake. It is easy for me to help others. Yet, many of us can get caught up in the drama with our animal and then they will behave exactly as we have set them up to behave. Somewhere in there may be an animal that is truly amused by our set up. After all, this certainly gets our attention, doesn't it!  

While it is entertaining for them, or attention getting, it can be very upsetting for us.  On some level we expect it to go this certain way. Because they oblige, we have even set up a neural pathway for the behavior to go exactly as was expected.  So the trick to creating a new expectation is seeing the outcome and remaining calm!






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