Animal Communication with Joan RanquetMarch 2012


For most of you spring has sprung. Apparently here in the Pacific Northwest we are going by the book and won't have it a moment before or a moment after the designated Vernal Equinox which is On March 20, 2012, at precisely 1:14 A.M. EDT. Not that I'm counting.


This issue has a story about a Cat house, a mention about a well-deserved Writing award at Westminster for a client, workshops and much more. 


I also have a special gift here, 5 of my Animal Education Teleseminars - as a thank you for your loyal readership. If you want to shoot straight for the story, scroll to the bottom!


Like the humans, the animals are springing to play longer and enjoy the warmer temperatures. While I'm always up for that, I'm still in lockdown on my rewrite for "Energy Healing For Animals" (Sounds True).


Queen Latifah is getting in shape for spring!
Queen Latifah is getting ready for spring!

I do surface weekly for phone sessions and to teach teleseminars and will soon be teaching some big weekend workshops. (Details about workshops are on the right column or on my new website that I'm very proud of!) Animal Alchemy March 30 - April 1 and Beg. - Adv. Animal Communication April 13-15th.  


I have loved my own continuing education with the Animal Education Teleseminars that I do for Communication with all Life University.   I want to share them with you also because the subjects are varied and fascinating. The calls themselves have little bumps and dogs barking at time, but the subject never disappoints!  


This curriculum has included everything from Crystal therapy to Acupressure to Nutrition for dogs, cats and horses as well as several holistic or homeopathic veterinarians.  


The series has also included pet related business marketing and coaching calls. It has been a balance of medical, behavior, practical and energetic wisdom. The 5 calls that I'm offering here are: 

  • Carol Komitor, Founder of Healing Touch for Animals - talks to Joan about what Healing Touch for Animals is and how she developed such a wonderful and intensive program.
  • Dr. Frank Bousaid, DVM - Harmony Animal Wellness Center - talks to Joan about how Eastern Medicine compliments Western Medicine.
  • Fellow Hay House author, Terah Kathryn Collins - Feng Shui expert and Founder of Western School of Feng Shui talks to Joan about Feng Shui, moving energy, our households and our pets!
  • Dr. Harrison is an Avian Veterinarian and his site is a WEALTH of information about birds. He also carries his own very balanced feed.
  • Yvonne Welz is an Equine Barefoot Expert and her site has tons of hoof education and online help! Her site is truly one of a kind. 

You can start listening now!  link to teleseminars - the password is: members.   


My new E-book "Animal Communication 101" is now on kindle! It is even part of some lending library for the next two months - so you can borrow it or purchase it!  


I have added a second Dolphin trip June 10-15th - there are a few spots left!!  A really great human pod is forming for the Dolphin trip - want to join us?  


Happy Spring!  




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Ruth & Winter's Award
Ruth has published an amazing story about Winter. His spectacular story brought Ruth the biggest writing award at Westminster: The AKC Publication Excellence Award. Congratulations Ruth and Winter!  



Winter continues to gift Ruth from their life together even though he crossed over into dog heaven this last year. Winter has been the subject of many of my blogs, newsletters, and he's in my first book. He is one of those dogs that I continued to talk to throughout his life.


Here aretwo links to enjoy Ruth's writing about Winter: 



Winter's Memorial



Winter's story on my blog






Sheila has 11 cats, 3 dogs and a giant heart. While her home is large, she had also opened her garage to her cats, and created a cool pen off the garage so that predators cannot get to her cats in her hillside home in Encinitas, Ca.


Even with all this space, numerous cats were peeing in the home, destroying her lovely things. Sheila had shut them out primarily in the garage. At least one cat a day peed in her office and several in her living room. It was hard to know even who was doing it with this large herd of cats.

On the one hand, these cats had a home. On the other hand, these cats simply had a home and very little engagement. All 11 of these cats at various times felt disconnection. This was beyond giving each one of them a purpose because who would even acknowledge it!


Deep down, Sheila could feel like "hey I do all of this for the cats..." yet, in the end, her guilt and feeling badly about the fact that she didn't have time resulted in the cats getting away with peeing wherever they felt like it.

When we talked, I suggested just spending intervals of 5 minutes a day a couple times a day walking through the garage with a string or something to activate play and engage the cats.


Knowing that Sheila didn't have the time to spend with each and every cat every day, she came up with a much better idea. She built a catrium. The catrium is full of hiding spots, a jungle gym and toys attached to things so they can truly entertain themselves. Sheila had a lot of fun designing this!



Now that Sheila is on the other side of this completed project, she learned a lot about herself. She wasn't even aware that at times she experienced an overwhelm that bordered on depression - because she didn't know where to begin with cats.


How many of us feel hostage to our situation? I think a lot of people do.   Sometimes thinking of the most outrageous thing (like a cat jungle gym) and then making it realistic can save the day! Sheila's thinking outside of the box helped her and her cats immensely.


Inside the Catrium

You can imagine also that when you feel like you're doing the right thing as a human, as in adopting many animals, and then it didn't go perfectly, there would be a lot of underlying human feelings that would come out like resentment, frustration, etc. that the cats would pick up on. And then all of the cats have their individual feelings about it all.


Because Sheila is feeling better about everything, now EVERYONE in the household is feeling lighter, happier and no more peeing in her office. She also learned that cats really do need exercise and an abundance of play! So far they seem to be too busy to air any grievances in the home!!


Cats playing!


Sheila has added an indoor area, picture below and a private area for one very persnickety cat. I asked her about the costs and she said it was not expensive at all.   The 450 square feet addition was $378 in materials and the indoor space in the garage so far has been $150.00. (Does not include labor.)


Even if you don't have the space to do this outside, and if you are renting a space, certainly coming up with a creative wall, or shelves could help your cats a lot. When I line up chairs for workshops here, my cats think I've created their next obstacle course for them!


You can follow Sheila's blog at Sheila's blog and see more of her catrium adventures. She will be guest blogging on my blog with the rest of the story on the indoor space and the elder cat home in her house!


Certainly, between all of these ideas you may find some help here for a pesky, bored or naughty cat! Of course my last episode in blogging is all about cat training: Joan's cat training story.

 Indoor gym












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