August 2018
Animal Shelter Update
District 4 Newsletter
Yolo County May Get Its Paws on a New Animal Shelter
Existing Shelter is Outdated
Yolo County is making headway in collaborative efforts among the county, the cities, and others to overcome deficiencies in our local animal shelter. In 2013, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) and the U.C. Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program conducted a study of the shelter. They found that the shelter lacks best medical practices, does not meet current facility standards, and is of inadequate size.
Planning and Costs
The county hired Indigo Architects in 2016 to create a design and cost estimate for a new facility. We are now considering two possible projects. The first option is a new shelter estimated at $24.5 million. The second is the conversion of a Woodland fire station at approximately $13.7-15.8 million.
Establishing a Joint Powers Authority (JPA)
To build and operate a new shelter, the county is considering formation of a joint powers authority (JPA) composed of the county, the cities of Davis, Winters, Woodland, and West Sacramento as well as the University of California.
Moving Forward
As of August 20, the cities of Davis and Winters and the County of Yolo have agreed to enter into discussions regarding creation of a JPA. The cities of West Sacramento and Woodland have assigned staff to monitor the discussions and are seriously considering joining in the effort. We are also hopeful that the University of California will become part of this important project.
"Unleashing the Possibilities" is the non-profit handling private fund raising for the new shelter. Given the costs involved, significant contributions from the community are essential to the effort to build a new shelter. Please visit the website at