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As long as humans have told each other stories and created art, animals have been involved. The titles highlighted in the New Books Newsletter this week run the gamut of animals in writing, from simply using their names as figures of speech to anthropomorphized main characters. Sometimes the animals symbolize larger points the author wants to make, sometimes they're simply used as comic relief. Always the animals, or their culturally defined traits, cause the plot to turn and move around our understanding of the stories the authors want to tell.

While many associate stories of animals with children's literature, there's a rich tradition of animals as protagonists in books written just for adults. Nazis burned Felix Salten's Bambi: A Life in the Woods as the novel was perceived as "sympathetic to the plight of the Jews". Salten, an avid hunter, wrote the decidedly gory novel as an antifascist allegory. It was only when he visited an Atlanta HBCU in 1931 that he realized children were reading the English translation! If anyone in Atlanta were looking for a copyright-free title to translate from German to English that would sell relatively well, Fulton County Libraries would be among the first in line to offer Salten's Five Minutes in America to our readers. Until then, we'll just be happy that his literary influence extends to the excellent new titles below.
One pet crow fights to save humanity from an apocalypse in this uniquely hilarious debut from a genre-bending literary author.

S.T., a domesticated crow, is a bird of simple pleasures: hanging out with his owner Big Jim, trading insults with Seattle's wild crows (those idiots), and enjoying the finest food humankind has to offer: Cheetos ®.

Then Big Jim's eyeball falls out of his head, and S.T. starts to feel like something isn't quite right. His most tried-and-true remedies—from beak-delivered beer to the slobbering affection of Big Jim's loyal but dim-witted dog, Dennis—fail to cure Big Jim's debilitating malady. S.T. is left with no choice but to abandon his old life and venture out into a wild and frightening new world with his trusty steed Dennis, where he discovers that the neighbors are devouring each other and the local wildlife is abuzz with rumors of dangerous new predators roaming Seattle. Humanity's extinction has seemingly arrived, and the only one determined to save it is a foul-mouthed crow whose knowledge of the world around him comes from his TV-watching education.

Hollow Kingdom is a humorous, big-hearted, and boundlessly beautiful romp through the apocalypse and the world that comes after, where even a cowardly crow can become a hero. Enjoy this author's debut by reserving a copy in hardcover, ebook, or mp3 audiobook format.
Georgie and Darcy are finally on their honeymoon in Kenya's Happy Valley, but murder crashes the party in this all-new installment in the bestselling Her Royal Spyness series.

Set in 1935, this newest novel finds Lady Georgiana Rannoch, a distant relative of the royal family, finally married to Darcy O’Mara, who performs shadowy work on behalf of the British government. After an enjoyable honeymoon in England, Darcy reveals plans to extend the post-wedding celebration in Kenya, where he has been asked, as he admits on arrival, to find the jewel thief responsible for “several daring and spectacular burglaries in London” targeting high society. The community of expats provides a pool of suspects, but the discovery of a body mauled by wild animals complicates the investigation.

If you love period mysteries but are unfamiliar with Bowen's work, you can start this series with Her Royal Spyness. If you have devoured this series and want more, try her Murphy's Law series! Fulton County Libraries has the full run of both for series lovers to enjoy. If you have already read both, and are looking to start a new series in any genre, check out our Start a Series collection on Overdrive or the Libby app.

It's 1964 in the USSR, and unbeknownst even to Premier Khrushchev himself, the Soviet space program is a sham. While the program has launched five capsules into space, the Chief Designer and his team have never successfully brought one back to earth. To disguise this, they've used twins. But in a nation built on secrets and propaganda, the biggest lie of all is about to unravel - because there are no more twins left.

Combining history and fiction, the real and the mystical, First Cosmic Velocity is the story of Leonid, the last of the twins. Taken in 1950 from a life of poverty in Ukraine to the training grounds in Russia, the Leonids were given one name and one identity, but divergent fates. Now one Leonid has launched to certain death (or so one might think . . .), and the other is sent on a press tour under the watchful eye of Ignatius, the government agent who knows too much but gives away little. And while Leonid battles his increasing doubts about their deceitful project, the Chief Designer must scramble to perfect a working spacecraft, especially when Khrushchev nominates his high-strung, squirrel-like dog for the first canine mission.

By turns grim and whimsical, fatalistic and deeply hopeful, First Cosmic Velocity is a sweeping novel of the heights of mankind's accomplishments, the depths of its folly, and the people--and canines--with whom we create family.

Reserve your copy of this exploration of dogs as family and propaganda in hardcover, ebook, or mp3 audiobook.
Terns of Endearment is the twenty-fifth book in Donna Andrews' hilarious Mag Langslow mystery series.

Meg's grandfather has been booked by a cruise line to give lectures on birds and other environmental topics as part of their ship's education/entertainment itinerary, and Grandfather has arranged for family members to join him. 

The vacation quickly becomes a nightmare when they wake up to find themselves broken down and in need of repairs in the Bermuda Triangle. To keep the stranded passengers calm, Meg's family and friends band together to keep things organized and provide entertainment. Some even take up the cause of nursing an injured tern back to health.

But things get worse when a crew member announces to all that a woman has jumped overboard, leaving behind her shoes, shawl, and a note. The note reveals she's the mortal enemy of group of writers who came on board for a retreat, and the group is split on whether suicide is in-character for her. Meanwhile, grandfather's assistant Trevor seems to have gone missing too! 

Click here to reserve Terns of Endearment in hardcover, ebook, or mp3 audiobook format. The full Mag Langslow mystery series is in our catalog, starting with Murder with Peacocks.
FBI agent Drex Easton is relentlessly driven by a single goal: to outmaneuver the conman once known as Weston Graham.

Over the past thirty years, Weston has assumed many names and countless disguises, enabling him to lure eight wealthy women out of their fortunes before they disappeared without a trace, their families left without answers and the authorities without clues. The only common trait among the victims: a new man in their life who also vanished, leaving behind no evidence of his existence . . . except for one signature custom.

Drex is convinced that these women have been murdered, and that the man he knows as Weston Graham is the sociopath responsible. But each time Drex gets close to catching him, Weston trades one persona for another and disappears again. Now, for the first time in their long game of cat and mouse, Drex has a suspect in sight.

Be one of the first to reserve Sandra Brown's newest thriller in hardcover, ebook, or mp3 audiobook, or CD audiobook format!

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You may have missed this book when it named one of the best of the year by Oprah, the New York Times, and nearly everyone else at the end of 2012. If you missed it then, take the time to check it out now - it's still an amazing story.

1987. There's only one person who has ever truly understood fourteen-year-old June Elbus, and that's her uncle, the renowned painter Finn Weiss. Shy at school and distant from her older sister, June can only be herself in Finn's company; he is her godfather, confidant, and best friend. So when he dies, far too young, of a mysterious illness her mother can barely speak about, June's world is turned upside down. But Finn's death brings a surprise acquaintance into June's life—someone who will help her to heal, and to question what she thinks she knows about Finn, her family, and even her own heart.

At Finn's funeral, June notices a strange man lingering just beyond the crowd. A few days later, she receives a package in the mail. Inside is a beautiful teapot she recognizes from Finn's apartment, and a note from Toby, the stranger, asking for an opportunity to meet. As the two begin to spend time together, June realizes she's not the only one who misses Finn, and if she can bring herself to trust this unexpected friend, he just might be the one she needs the most.

An emotionally charged coming-of-age novel, Tell the Wolves I'm Home is a tender story of love lost and found, an unforgettable portrait of the way compassion can make us whole again. Catch up with this title in hardcover, mp3 audiobook, or download the ebook and read on your favorite device.
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