Fabrizius Livestock - How to become a Kill Buyer Kingpin Using Social Media
The once small-scale Colorado horse trader is now a large-scale kill buyer funded by an active online and social media following
Jason Fabrizius, operator of Fabrizius Livestock, has long made money off the backs of innocent horses, but in the last few years his once modest operation has evolved into a highly-lucrative kill buying enterprise that consists of multiple tractor trailers actively transporting horses to slaughter and a large kill pen in Eaton, Colorado.The subject of ongoing Animals' Angels' scrutiny over the years, Fabrizius is well known to our investigators for his bad temper and abusive treatment of the poor animals he buys and sells in his merciless quest to make a profit at any cost.

Emaciated & sick horse at Fabrizius Feedlot

We were thus appalled to observe the increasing success of his online business, which exploits the well-meaning attempts of his followers to save horses from the kill pen, when in reality their money is being used to fuel Fabrizius' growing enterprise and perpetuate the cycle of suffering and slaughter.

So, how does Fabrizius convince people who love horses to help fund his kill buyer operations? He plays on their compassion, asking them to buy a horse online to prevent him from sending the poor animal to slaughter. Unfortunately, the money paid to Fabrizius to "save" a horse is then used to fund and expand his operation, enabling the once small-time horse trader to become a kill buyer kingpin that has the growing resources to buy more and more horses.

Feedlot Horses

It's heartbreaking for our investigators to see the suffering of the many horses ruthlessly exploited by Fabrizius, and we are determined to expose the shameful treatment that the horses in his care suffer. We want to make sure that people are fully aware of the activities and abuse they are supporting before they decide to buy a horse from Fabrizius Livestock. We've listed below some of the key observations that Animals' Angels' investigators have documented about his operations:
  • Fabrizius frequents horse sales in Montana, Colorado, and Nebraska to ensure a steady supply of horses, and he has supplied horses to several of the most notorious kill buyers in the country, including Dennis Chavez in New Mexico, Mike McBarron in Texas, and Triple Crown Ranch in Oklahoma. 
  • Fabrizius' trucks loaded with slaughter horses have been observed multiple times at the Texas export pens, which entails a 900+ mile trip that not all horses can survive. Tragically, the horses that go down in the trailer during the long trip may become too weak to ever rise again.
  • A Fabrizius truck driver tried to run over two Animals' Angels investigators when he discovered they had followed his truck from a horse sale in Billings, Montana to large scale kill buyer Dennis Chavez in New Mexico. The transport was loaded with slaughter horses for delivery to Chavez, who has a long-documented history of horse abuse and neglect. Read the full details of this reckless behavior here.
  • Fabrizius has been observed to handle horses in his care with an excessive amount of hitting, whipping, screaming, and cursing. Investigators witnessed him hitting several poor horses across their faces and bodies with full force. On one occasion, Fabrizius demonstrated complete disregard for the welfare of the horses he was handling when he was observed moving a large number of horses into a trailer so violently that one horse went down. The horse was trampled by the scared horses around him before eventually regaining his footing. 


  • In 2018, the Fabrizius kill pen in Colorado made the news due to the exposure of 240 horses to Equine Infectious Anemia, a deadly, highly contagious, incurable disease that affects horses, donkeys, and mules. Reports revealed that a horse confirmed to be EIA positive was moved from the Colorado facility to Wyoming by a "horse transporter" before eventually being brought back to Colorado and euthanized. The incident prompted a widespread search for exposed horses and a lock-down that restricted animal movement for 60 days.
  • In November 2019, Animals' Angels investigators were stunned by the many sick and emaciated horses observed at his kill pen in Eaton, Colorado. Manure covered pens were filled with lethargic, coughing horses that stood motionless with their heads lowered. Several horses had obvious eye infections with puss dripping from the corners of their eyes, a sign indicative of strangles, which is a highly contagious infection often suffered by kill pen horses. Other horses were seen limping, covered in scars, or so emaciated that their ribs were clearly showing. Some horses were kept in pens without shelter or trees nearby to act as a wind barrier, leaving them unprotected from Colorado's brutal winter weather.
Sick horses showing signs of potential Strangles infection


Needless to say, many images of abused and neglected horses observed at the Fabrizius kill pen never make it on to Fabrizius' social media sites; the pitiful truth reflected in those pictures would surely have a negative impact on the brisk online business Fabrizius enjoys, and exposure of the appalling conditions suffered by the horses at his facilities would likely garner unwanted attention from authorities.

Luckily, Animals' Angels has meticulously collected evidence and we are currently putting together a strong case file to present to authorities responsible for the oversight of Fabrizius' operation. We are hopeful this will trigger a long overdue official investigation. 
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