2018 - A Year in Review 

Exposing Cruelty, Raising Awareness & Advocating Change 

At Animals' Angels, we are always looking ahead: planning the next investigation, advocating for legal protections, and working toward a better future for every animal. But as we begin a new calendar year, we also have the chance to pause, look back, and celebrate all we have accomplished together. From international campaigns to local auctions, our work has created hope and change for animals around the world. 
This past year presented new challenges to our organization and the animals we have committed to protect, but our staff and supporters rose to the task. In 2018, our team conducted 150 investigations in 17 states, as well as Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Much of these efforts were undercover work in the gruesome horse slaughter industry. Although the export of US horses to slaughter significantly declined since 2014-in part due to our European Union awareness campaigns-we continue to push for a complete ban in the US and abroad. 

This year, our staff documented the illegal and immoral actions of some of the most notorious kill buyers, broker programs, export pens and feedlots in the country, and we are disseminating this evidence to law enforcement, policy makers, and the general public. In fact, one of Ohio's most infamous kill buyers admitted that Animals' Angels "almost bankrupted" him, due to the immense public outcry for abuses at his facilities.

To continue spreading awareness on the cruelty of horse slaughter, Animals' Angels produced the documentary, Platinum Ticket's Final Ride, which was released this spring. The story shines light on the dark side of horse racing and illustrates how easy it is for a once-prized race horse to end up sick, starving, and left for dead at a low-end slaughter sale. The film was made available to the public and is being used as an educational tool by advocacy and media outlets around the globe. 

Of course, we continue to serve as a voice and advocate for all farm animals, dogs, and exotic pets who face mistreatment at breeding facilities, auctions, and during long-distance transport. Too often, facility management, law enforcement, and veterinary professionals fall short of their legal or moral responsibilities to the animals in their care-but not under the watchful eye of Animals' Angels.  Our undercover investigations continue to produce new evidence of abuse and neglect.

This year, we obtained more incriminating information about the New Holland auction, and we have filed a "private complaint" to seek justice. To add to the pressure, thousands of people answered our "Call to Action" and demanded change from local authorities.

Internationally, we exposed shocking abuse of pregnant mares trapped in blood farms in Argentina and Uruguay. When we released these findings in the spring, some of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world-including Merck & Co, IDT Biologica, and Ceva-announced a complete stop of all use of pregnant mare blood sourced in South America.
But there was more good news in 2018. This year, our undercover agents have documented significant improvements to the conditions and handling at several auctions that previously committed animal welfare offenses. It's promising to see that some individuals within the industry are open to constructive criticism, willing to cooperate, and finally improving their facilities and conditions for the animals in their care. 

Our continued efforts and the tremendous successes we now celebrate are thanks to you, our passionate supporters. As we look ahead to the coming year and all we hope to accomplish-ending horse slaughter through passage of the SAFE ACT, creating better conditions for farm animals at auction, enforcing exotic animal laws, and shedding new light on the ongoing mistreatment of wild horses-we know our efforts will only be successful if you continue to stand by our side. 

Our strength is in our community and the power of our shared voice. Thank you for supporting Animals' Angels this year, thank you for serving as an animal advocate in your own life, and thank you for striving to create a brighter world for all creatures. 


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