Animals in Perpetual Quarantine
Missourians are heading into our third week of state ordered confinement as we shelter-in during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are going stir-crazy, trapped within the confines of our homes, some alone, just as many with family. Either way, we feel trapped; this feeling is anathema to us. We grab every opportunity available to peek out from our domestic prisons, emerging to take walks, breathe in fresh air, feel the sun on our faces, enjoy an early morning jog…all these things we take for granted because we know that all too soon we must return to our quarantine.

And wait. 
For most of us, the knowledge that this is but a small sacrifice for the greater good, is what sustains us. And it is after all, temporary.
But for the dogs it is permanent shelter in place
And one can't help but think of all the dogs trapped within the confines of metal cages; the poor animals who never really get to feel the grass beneath their feet - not even the warmth of human touch. These puppy mill dogs are sentenced to an entire lifetime of quarantine by the people who breed them often callously for profit, reducing these creatures to commodities. Our quarantine, no doubt, helps us understand a little bit better how they must feel, day in, day out...trapped. 

Long after our COVID-19 quarantine is lifted and we are able to move about freely, these dogs will still remain trapped in their prisons, sentenced to a seemingly endless cycle of breeding for profit. We must work together to educate our friends and family to never buy a dog from a pet store, or over the Internet, or from a breeder whose kennel and breeding dogs are not fully visually vetted. And we must take every opportunity available to educate our public officials of the need for better standards of care and effective enforcement of current laws and regulations in order to make life more humane for dogs who are under permanent quarantine in puppy mills.