October 9, 2015
Greetings Osprey Community,

sophomore Zoe Patana shares her research at the Biology Exhibition
Tina, beaming with pride at what her students learned and created
Many thanks to those of you who turned out for one or both of our student Exhibitions last night.  Seeing the diversity of methods our sophomores used to present their biodiversity data (ranging from a humorous short film to a diagram made from decorated cupcakes!) showcased how voice and choice in projects helps students truly make them their own.  Congratulations to Biology teacher Tina Hott for hosting a successful first Exhibition.  

listening to the Voices from the Animas
The Voices from the Animas Exhibition gave our juniors a chance to share the powerful StoryCorps interviews they've conducted over the past few weeks with those impacted by the Gold King Mine Spill.  If you haven't had a chance to hear them yet, we invite you to listen here; the archive is truly an unparalleled collection of divers voices responding to the Animas River spill.

Next week, our School Excellence Committee will meet on Monday at 5:00 at AHS and the Parent Advisory Committee will gather at Carver's from 8:30 to 10:00 Tuesday morning.  

senior Domi Frideger and his mentee, freshman Heath Morris, getting ready to advocate for Heath to approach his socialization essay in a new way
Thru the Lens photography will be here Wednesday and Thursday mornings for school photos.  Students received order forms in Advisory this week, and there are extra copies at the Main Office desk.  Students must give completed order form and payment directly to the photographer; please note that the incorrect date was printed on order forms.

Next Thursday's Power Lunch features veteran, para-rescuer, farmer, teacher and AHS parent Gregory Hopkins, who clearly has unique career advice to share with our community.  On Thursday evening from 5:30 to 6:30, LINK Internship Coordinator Janae Hunderman presents Internships the Osprey Way  in the AHS Commons.  Juniors and their families will want to attend to learn more about how our immersive program works, but all others are welcome to join as well.

Looking ahead to the following week, please be aware that Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) are on Wednesday, October 21 for all 9th through 11th grade students and their parents/guardians.  SLCs are an integral part of the reflective process of being an Animas student and an important opportunity for parents, students and teachers to connect about student goals and performance; participation is required for all families and students are expected to be in professional dress.  Teachers will be working directly with students and families to schedule SLCs.

Thanks for all you do to help the Ospreys soar!
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Osprey Appreciations
Many, many thanks to Gene Martin and Martin Sprocket & Gear Company for their extremely generous donation of beautiful new tools to support Dan Thurber's Bike Repair Exploratory class. It was like Christmas in October when the students opened up the box yesterday!

Our appreciation, too, to our local branch of Home Depot and local business Studs Lumber for donating lumber and materials to Dave Heerschap's Advance Physics class for the construction of trebuchets. Stay tuned for news about when they'll be using their creations for the annual pumkin chuckin' Exhibition!

News from Beyond the Nest: Alumnus Rex Stowers

We love hearing from our alumni about their latest adventures!  This, from Rex Stowers, class of 2015, earlier this week:

I am a product and development major in the college of health and human sciences in the fashion department at Colorado State University.  Overall, everything is great!  I am living with Conor Nelson which is just a hoot and still try to keep in touch with the class of 2015.  Animas prepared me well for college in every sort of aspect.  I have used every skill in Photo Shop creating textile designs and different types of garments for several projects.  I do miss the high school and all the teachers, but s intend to visit over time I'm in town!
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College Corner

An admissions representative from Whitman College will be on campus Monday, October 12 during lunch in Lori's room.

Thinking about applying to Colorado Mesa University? CMU has a free application window from October 10 through 18.   Apply online and use the promotion code FREEAPP.  If you'd like to visit CMU, Jess and their admissions rep have arranged for a handful of free hotel rooms in Grand Junction.  Contact Jess for more information.

On Friday, October 16, a representative from the Daniels Fund Scholarship will visit during lunch in Stephen Sellers' room.  To qualify for the scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, have at least a 17 on each subject area of the ACT and be either a US citizen or permanent resident.

Those interested in applying to Grand Canyon University can participate in a free fly-in.  Sutdents will be flown into Phoenix, given a campus tour, meals and overnight stay in the dorm.  Apply online and use the rep code B344; admissions representative Kyle Harriman will be in touch to follow up.

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