October 29, 2015
Analise Gates' mask; hear her speak about it at tonight's Exhibition
Greetings Osprey Community,

It's just a little silly, spooky and strange around the nest this week, with StAC Spirit Week leading into a long Halloween weekend!  That said, we've also launched into a flurry of student Exhibitions, and it's exciting to see the beautiful work coming out of the first round of major projects.  

Last night's sophomore Humanities Exhibition at the Steaming Bean gave Ally Johnson's sophomores the chance to share their historical fiction set in a variety of African nations with an authentic and appreciative audience; read on for the full story.  Tonight, Sara Price's 9th graders will be at the Durango Public Library from 5:00 to 7:00, presenting their masks and essays as the culmination of their recent study of the forces of socialization in identity development.   Matt Dooley's 9th graders will share their masks and writing next Wednesday, 5:00 at the DPL.

seniors Noah, Ben, Connor and Dylan prepping their trebuchets for their big debut
Next Tuesday, you won't want to miss Dave Heerschap's Advanced Physics Exhibition, in which students will see just how far they can chuck a pumpkin with the large trebuchets they've designed and built.  This one will be up the hill behind our campus, in Twin Buttes, beginning at 4:30.  That evening, Spanish 1 and 2 students in Jenny McKenzie, Susy Raleigh and Sarah Sanchez Armstrong's classes present the Exhibicion del Dia de los Muertos, 5:00-8:00 at the Animas City Theater.  Activities celebrating Day of the Dead will include presentation of calaveras, crafts, face-painting, comidas, ofrendas and a screening of the film The Book of Life beginning at 6:30.

Most Likely to Succeed Trailer
Most Likely to Succeed film trailer
The School Excellence Committee meets next Monday at 5:30.  All are welcome.  After checking out Matt Dooley's Mask Exhibition on Wednesday, please join us at the Community Concert Hall for a special screening of the film Most Likely to Succeed, to be followed by a panel discussion about the future of education featuring both AHS head of school  Sean Woytek and founding teacher  Lori Fisher, alongside educators from Mountain Middle School, Durango 9R and Fort Lewis College Teacher Education Department.  Tickets are free (donations welcome) and available at our Main Office while supplies last.

Britt Gordon's Studio Art class, feeling the Halloween Spirit
Finally, we'd like to remind everyone that our school day does not end until 3:15 for students who are enrolled in XBlock and Exploratory classes.  We certainly understand that sometimes families must schedule appointments before the end of the school day, but we are seeing lots of absences, both excused and unexcused, in these classes.  Starting this quarter, any student who has three unexcused absences in an XBlock or Exploratory in a quarter will not receive credit for the class.  
We hope you all enjoy a safe and fun long weekend.   Thanks for all you do to help the Ospreys soar!
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Storytelling Sophomores
by Katie Austin

sophomore Kaitlyn Dunn reading her story at last night's Humanities Exhibition
Cars lined the roads and parents and students packed Steaming Bean on Main Street as students prepared to recite their stories. Ally Johnson's sophomore class took on the project of researching and critiquing America's ignorance and single-story mindset. The students traced this idea back through time, finding its origins in Europe. These results were then integrated into short stories the students chose to compose. Corry Arcomano introduced the project, stating this projects purpose was to "gain understanding" and "abolish ignorance."

The chattering of the audience dulled to a low hum as the students began stepping up to the microphone and reading excerpts from their stories. They ranged from stories about orphans, miners and students, staged in a range of locations: flights, oceans, and jails. The sophomores juggled with topics like loss and poverty, expressing these with stories about self-image and war.  Despite the limited time period allotted to the students, each story was creative and impactful, representing the depth of each author's knowledge on their subject. The variety seen from each performance to the next was astounding and impressed the whole audience.

Beyond the Nest: Alumna Marley Gabel
by Oli Sakadinsky

Marley on a recent college field trip to the Garden of the Gods
Our beloved former Aminas Quill Editor in Chief, Marley Gabel, has established herself as a freshman at Regis University in Denver. Staying true to her upbeat and energetic demeanor, Marley has kept busy, from working as a campus tour guide to reforming the school publication to studying late in twenty-four hour study labs. Even though, as she says, "There's always a lot to do," she affirms that she's working on getting more involved in the many on-campus clubs and organizations, starting with intramural volleyball.

As for her classes, her favorite is Intro to Business because "it's directly related to what I want to do," she says. She finds that her writing class is similar to Animas classes in that it's "interactive and engaging." Outside of class, she's living quite the interesting life, including one adventure in particular, during which she got trapped in a library basement due to a faulty elevator. Fortunately, Marley is continuing to provide her journalism skills to her school paper, and is on a team of freshmen aiming to spruce up the Regis newspaper, The Highlander, which is currently published twice a month but is moving towards becoming a weekly publication. Marley comments, "We're trying to redefine some of the policies to make it better." In typical Osprey fashion, she is all about refinement.

College life is definitely in full swing- both socially and academically- but Marley is taking it in stride. "Making new friends and doing new things is exhilarating," she says. While Marley is very missed in the nest, she's most certainly spreading her Osprey wings at Regis, engaging in new experiences, encountering diverse situations, and meeting interesting people.

College Corner

LINK Internship Coordinator Janae Hunderman and College Counselor Jess Adams trekked up to Breckenridge last Friday for an ACT workshop.  They returned to the nest excited about professional connections they made and ways to support our students in their college and career quests.

The Deadline for the December 5 SAT is November 5; register here.  Deadline for the December 12 ACT is November 6; register here
Several scholarship deadlines are coming up for seniors, including Coca-Cola, VFW and Prudential Community Spirit.  More details here on Jess' DP.

On Wednesday, November 4, Jess will offer a workshop for seniors during 7th period in the Commons to help with updating and refining resumes, which are a critical piece of the scholarship application process.
Exchange Student Spotlight: Anne Chase

Junior Anne Chase is spending the year in Spain on a Rotary Youth Exchange and is writing truly beautiful blog posts about her experiences.  Check it out here!
Please plan to join us for Animas High School's newest fundraiser, the 
Osprey Games , on 
Wednesday, November 18 from 6:00 to 9:00 at the Henry Strater Theatre !  You won't want to miss this fun, interactive, game-show-themed evening featuring our fabulous students and teachers.  Money raised through this fundraiser will directly support our students and programs, thanks to generous sponsorship from several local businesses.  Hearty appetizers and a cash bar.  Mark your calendars!

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