May 26, 2017
Ben Glenn at graduation rehearsal
Greetings Osprey Community,

Please join us at 4:00 today for the AHS Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony at the Community Concert Hall, the culminating event in a week filled with recognizing and celebrating our fifth graduating class!  We have given out reserved seating tickets to all families of seniors, and there are about one hundred open seats for those who arrive without tickets.  Please plan to arrive early so that you are seated in time for the ceremony.

Claire Larson and Isabel Krull at Senior Supper
Many thanks to all who pitched in the past week to help with all of our end of year events.  The AHS Family Picnic, Senior Celebration, our final NEST Meeting, Senior Supper and Advisory Olympics each provided wonderful and festive ways for Ospreys to gather, reflect and celebrate and we really appreciate all the behind-the-scenes support it takes to make these events successful.  Thank you, parents, for all your help! There are lots and lots of photos from all the festivites on the AHS Facebook page; check them out here.

Susy Raleigh and Brenden Wedertz at the final NEST Meeting
After the long weekend, we will wrap up the year with Transitional Presentations of Learning for all 9th, 10th and 11th grade students.  These are individually scheduled, and students are not required to be on campus days and times when they are not panelling for others or presenting.  Please keep in mind that it is not unusual to be asked to redo a tPOL if the first attempt does not show authentic reflection and excellent preparation.  TPOLs are an important rite of passage, and successful completion is required to transition to the next grade level.  They are also a unique and valuable opportunity for students to consider areas of growth, goals for the future and ways in which they contribute to our school community.  Parents are welcome to attend.

The School Excellence Committee will meet at AHS next Tuesday from 4:00 to 5:30, when they will review feedback from student and parent surveys with an eye toward identifying key goals for the 2017-18 school year.  All are welcome. 

SUP race at Advisory Olympics--many thanks to 4Corners Riversports and Mild to Wild for lending us the paddleboards!

Also on Tuesday evening, the LINK Internship Celebration will take place from 4:30 to 6:30 at Durango Fire and Rescue,142 Sheppard Drive in Bodo Park.  Join us to learn more about the fantastic internships our juniors completed this May and to meet their mentors.

Finally, we want to thank 4Corners Riversports and Mild to Wild for lending us a fleet of stand up paddleboards and PFDs for Advisory Olympics today.  We ended the day two lifejackets short; if you took one home by mistake, please return it to school on Tuesday.  A red scooter from the scooter races also went missing--let Libby know if you know where it went. 

We hope you all have a restful long weekend and we look forward to rich conversations during tPOLS next week.   Thanks for all you do to help the Ospreys soar!
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