December 11, 2015
junior Dylan Katz discusses his computer program, which analyzes negative words in media coverage of the Gold King Mine spill as they relate to changes in water quality with Jimbo Buickerood of San Juan Citizens Alliance
Greetings Osprey Community,

Watching the film Most Likely to Succeed today has helped inspire thoughtful conversations among our students and staff about how we do things at AHS and why it's different from more traditional models.  Watching High Tech High students on the big screen as they prepare for exhibitions and then seeing them reflect on their learning has been a great way to transition us all to POL week.  The film explores what schools should do in order to prepare students for success in a shifting global economy where information is ubiquitous and skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and self-awareness are increasingly valuable.  Stay tuned, as AHS' founders are planning to bring the film back for one more screening this winter so that more families can view it.

Republicans caucus to determine amendments to a bill on climate change during senior Humanities Model Senate
At the end of the final week of first semester classes, we're wrapping up and looking ahead.  Next week, students will prepare for Presentations of Learning Monday and Tuesday, working in grade-level teams to reflect on the semester and articulate personal goals moving forward.  Please note that we will release at 2:15 on Monday; the end of the day on Tuesday will be 3:15, as usual, and all students are expected to be to school by 8:25 both days.

freshman Alan Duncan resets his banana slicing Rube Goldberg machine at the Physics exhibition
Student schedules for Wednesday through Friday of next week will vary depending upon when they are scheduled to present their POLs and when they are paneling for peers; this may mean that they will not be required to be on campus for one or two of these three days.  Please talk at home about individual schedules so you can plan accordingly.

The semester officially ends next Friday.  In the interest of conserving resources, we will not be sending out individual report cards.  Final grades for the semester will be posted to PowerSchool on Friday, December 18 and you can view them then.  If you need help accessing grades in PowerSchool, ask your student for login and password information  or contact the Main Office.  

junior Isabel Krull discusses her views on horse slaughter at the Morality and Politics of Justice Coffee House
The PAC Hospitality Committee is organizing the annual staff appreciation lunch, which will take place next Friday.  Even if you are not available on that day, there are many ways to help, including preparing food, making a donation or setting up and decorating the AHS Commons.  Please sign up here if you are able to help show support for our amazing teachers and staff by helping to create a special event to acknowledge their dedication and hard work.

Finally, StAC is hosting a dance at Animas City Theatre this evening, from 8:00 to 10:00.  Tickets are $7 at the door.  All students are welcome and we hope this will be a fun way for them to let off a little steam in a safe and supportive environment.

Thanks for all you do to help the Ospreys soar!
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Ospreys Soaring
Congratulations to junior Emily Vierling, who has qualified for the All State Orchestra once again this year, where she'll be playing 1st Violin.

Osprey Appreciations

Many thanks to Gary, Zajicek, manager at Home Depot, for his recent donation of several cans of paint for our Studio Art students!

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