November 13, 2015
Greetings Osprey Community,

9th grade potluck during Advisory this week
We hope to see you all next Wednesday evening at the Strater Theatre from 6:00 to 9:00 for the Osprey Games , our newly revamped annual fundraiser, which will feature teams of students and teachers facing off in an entertaining variety of game-show style competitions.  It's all in the name of celebrating and supporting our school, and we know it's going to be an evening to remember.  Join us, and bring your friends who would like to learn more about what makes Animas unique.  For planning purposes, it's very helpful if you can let us know ahead of time if you're planning to attend; use this link to RSVP.

Ally Johnson's 10th grade Humanities students helping at the Veterans' Day Parade as part of their Truth of War project
Next Thursday, local author Mandy Mikulencak joins us on campus for a Power Lunch, where she'll talk about the recent publication of her Young Adult novel, Burn Girl  which tells the story of a high school girl in Durango who has lost her mother to drug abuse.  Aspiring writers encouraged to attend!

Unfortunately, the AHS Board of Directors did not receive multiple applications by this week's deadline, and therefore we will not be holding an election for a Parent-Elected Director.  That said, the Board is still seeking community members who are interested in joining their team, particularly those with expertise in finances and facilities. For more information, please reach out to [email protected].

Thanks for all you do to help the Ospreys soar!
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Hats off to Dom!
by Hannah Langford

November 11 brought Veterans Day, and with that, our very own vet to honor: Dom! Our facilities coordinator, Dominic Armato, enlisted in the Air Force at seventeen and spent twelve years on active duty. He has traveled to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Guam, and the Aleutian Islands.

Dom moved to Florida and joined the Air Force to straighten up his life. He served in Active Duty Staff Sergeant E5 in the Air Force and was then stationed in Riverside California as a Jet Fighter Mechanic in 1966- right as things were escalating in Vietnam. Dom's unit was awarded the Outstanding Unit Award, and Dom was personally awarded the Air Force Commendation Award for his outstanding professional skill in the accomplishment of his duties. Dom is incredibly proud of all of our military people, overseas and stateside, past and present, and he supports them all.

Dom actually discovered Animas High School two years ago when a group of sophomores, now seniors, interviewed him for their Veteran's History project. Although Dom may be incredibly modest about his accomplishments, don't hesitate to stop by his office in the Jesse Hutt wing and thank him for all of his hard work.

Punpkin' Chunkin' Championships
by Domi Frideger
the winning team, the Mother Chunkers
A fleet of 8 trebuchets (catapults) could be seen flinging a barrage of pumpkins into a non-descript field off of Highway 160 on Wednesday, November 11. These trebuchets have been the focus of Dave Heerschap's Advanced Physics class for the past three months. Wednesday was their final exhibition and it drew crowds of all ages and backgrounds. The crowds were awed by all of the trebuchets with the longest pumpkin chunk arcing more than 120 meters. Dylan Kroes, one of Dave's students said about the project, "It was a great way to apply our physics calculations to the real world." Undoubtedly, the pumpkin' chunk will be a tradition at Animas High School for many years to come.

Conservative Panel Visits Junior Humanities Classes
by Oli Sakadinsky

This week, a panel of conservative citizens visited Ashley Carruth and Jessica McCallum's Humanities classes to offer their perspectives for the juniors' Morality and Politics of Justice project. While the primary focus of the discussion was the economy, juniors had the opportunity to ask members of the panel their viewpoints on a wide range of other topics as well.

"I asked them a lot about the defunding of Planned Parenthood and what their views were on that process," junior Emily Vierling reported. "Other students would ask specific questions relating to  their topic of study, and how their views are being incorporated into our economy today."

The panel aimed to present students a perspective on contemporary issues, perhaps one they weren't entirely familiar with. "I've been liberal basically my entire life, and I'd really  never looked deep into the other side, to understand where they were coming from," reflected  Vierling. She added, "I think it helped the students to understand how you talk to someone who  doesn't have the same beliefs as you."

Overall, the panel offered valuable insight for the students to incorporate into projects featuring political issues of their choice. "I think they really communicated what the conservative and  Republican Party is," Vierling commented.
Animas Crushes at Half Marathon
by Lyle Bryson

Animas High's very own Humanities teacher and Dean of Cultural Excellence Ashley Carruth and senior Nicholas Turco swept the Moab Half Marathon at the Amasa Back Trails on November 7. These Osprey runners took the win for both men's and women's categories in this half-marathon by demonstrating impressive speed, stamina, and determination in a competitive field of participants. When asked about his feelings on winning the race, Nicholas cheerily replied, "It was so great to be out there with other Ospreys!" 

As Ashley, she explains that her motivation for participating in this race was "to have this goal at this point of the year when school gets really busy to make sure I'm working towards something outside of the school realm."

If you see either of these outstanding Ospreys in the halls, give them a high five and congratulate them on their wins!

College Corner

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission is sponsoring the 5th annual Youth Expo at the Durango Rec Center next Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:00.  This is a great way for teens to learn about internship, job, volunteer and other opportunities.

Fort Lewis College free application day is next Tuesday as well.  Sign up with Jess for a spot!

In case you missed College Prep the Osprey Way, you can still access Jess' presentation on her DP here.
Special POW Surprise
by Oli Sakadinsky

If you've been in the school bathrooms at all this week, you've undoubtedly seen the posters  decorated with inspirational quotes and colorful drawings covering up the mirrors. This was an  effort from POW (Peers Owning Wellness) to encourage confidence and self-esteem throughout 
the student body. If you haven't yet, stop and read them to give your day a boost of positivity!

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