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July 29th, 2022 | Issue # 1749
Store News and Tab Clearing

Just a few quick updates to pass on this week:

We have loads of exciting new Anime arrivals in stock this week including a bunch of awesome premium/limited releases like the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III (Season 3) Premium Boxed Set BLURAY and the Vinland Saga Limited Edition BLURAY box from Sentai, plus the Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity Grand Temple of Time Solomon BLURAY from AniPlex USA.

We have the super early arrival of the Gugure! Kokkuri-san BLURAY and also the Back Arrow Part 1 BLURAY and the Scar on the Praeter BLURAY from Crunchymation. And we got in a few of the super nice Robotech The Complete Series Collector's Edition BLURAY boxes that were formerly Funi-Roll store exclusives.

Our next shipment of the Ladies Versus Butlers Undressed Edition BLURAY (Adult) will be arriving either today or Monday, so any remaining open pre-orders for that title will be coming your way shortly.

We have 29 new manga volumes in stock this week including key new releases like My Wife Has No Emotion #3, Kaguya-sama Love is War #23, I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years #9, The Invincible Shovel #4, Dai Dark #4, Dragon Ball Super #16 and many more! We also have the 100th volume of the One Piece manga in stock - wow! And we posted another big list of upcoming manga to the store site with a few more date changes coming in this week as the publishers continue to re-organze their release schedules for the slightly lower demand they expect coming in H2.

Our July slate of figurine pre-orders has now closed, but we will be back next week with a new list for August, so stay tuned because we've got another batch of great selections coming your way!

And finally, I was talking to an insider at Crunchymation's master distributor this week. The final day for retailers to pre-order their supply of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Complete Series Limited Edition Steelbook BLURAY is August 9th ahead of the Sept 20th release date, but orders to date have been strong and the sets may end up getting oversold and thus allocated, which means that retailers may not get the full amount that they ordered. We'll be cutting off pre-orders at 70% of our initial order, but if you are interested in the set, best to pre-order it early (ideally before August 9th) as we will be filling customer pre-orders first come, first served. We want to make sure that everyone who orders a set from RACS gets one!

Kodansha USA announced at its panel at Comic Con International that has licensed two new manga for print release in spring 2023 - Break of Dawn and Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement. The company will also begin releasing Shaman King Flowers in print in spring 2023.


Box Office Mojo lists The Deer King (Shika no Ō: Yuna to Yakusoku no Tabi), the anime film of Nahoko Uehashi's Shika no Ō (The Deer King) medical fantasy novel series, as having earned US$286,063 in the United States. The novels center on Van, the head of a group of soldiers who expected to die fighting for their lands against a large empire looking to incorporate their home into its kingdom. Instead of dying, however, Van is taken as a slave and thrown into a salt mine. One night, a pack of strange dogs attacks the salt mine, and a mysterious illness breaks out. During the attack, Van takes the opportunity to escape, and he meets a young girl. Elsewhere, rumor is spreading that only immigrants are coming down with this mysterious illness. The medical scientist Hossal risks his life to search for a cure. Doctors also study a father and child who seem to have survived the illness. The novels tell the interconnecting stories and bonds of those who fight against a cruel fate. The film made US$49,650 in its opening weekend. According to the website, the film has earned US$1,012,129 worldwide. GKIDS screened the film as a fan preview event in Japanese with English subtitles on July 13 and with an English dub on July 14. The film got a limited release in select theaters on July 15.

In a victory for English language manga fans, Western manga and light novel publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has announced they will be re-releasing I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into A Girl with a localization more in line with mangaka Azusa Banjo’s original vision. Seven Seas provided an update on the situation on July 19th, via their official Twitter account: “In response to fan concerns, Seven Seas has thoroughly reviewed our English language translation of I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into a Girl Vol. 1,” the publisher informed readers. They admitted that while “the subject matter in this book is delicate and we took every effort to keep the language respectful and inclusive,” after having discussed “the matter with the rights holders,” the publisher “realized that our edition differs in certain details from the author’s intent.”

The recent release of an English-language version of Square Enix’s Manga UP! app has left fans less than enthused after it was discovered that the company has censored numerous depictions of ‘sexualized’ body parts, including breasts and knees, across the various manga titles available on the service. Officially made available to the English-speaking public on July 24th, the Manga UP! global incarnation of Square Enix’s digital library collects localized editions of the company’s manga catalog in one app, with various agreements having been made to allow for the central aggregation of the series published under their direction regardless of who, if anyone, may have licensed them in the West. While the announcement that the app would finally be coming stateside was initially met with praise from fans, it was soon discovered that the company had taken an overly broad approach to inserting black bars over any artwork featured on the app that could be considered even remotely sexual.


Steve write in this week just to give us a little fist bump:

Greetings to all at RACS,
Just a note of thanks and appreciation. While Grimes, IA is just down the road, my RACS orders get here faster, well packed (thanks for using paper/cardboard this time), and even includes a shipping receipt. BTW, I found a RACS chocolate foil wrapped coin in the back of the coffee table drawer. How long ago did RACS include these? 2016? 2017? Pledging undying loyalty,

Thanks so much Steve, much appreciated! I think the last time we sent those Chocolate Coins out was 2018. They were a fan favorite, but they were also hard to send out during the warmer summer months... if you know what I mean. ;-)


WAS - Jul 26, 2022

WAS - Aug 2, 2022
Upcoming Releases

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If you haven't noticed yet, we've added a previously owned section to the store site. That section keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I just wanted to give you folks the inside scoop. Everything we add there is a (1) unit only proposition, so be sure to check back often to make sure you don't miss out on anything cool we might just drop in there!
Featured Pre-Order:

17-year-old run-away Yui and 8-year-old Hiyori,
who lost her family and her voice, have no place to go when they run into Kiwa, a strange old lady.

She offers them a place to stay, in a slightly banged-up old house overlooking the sea, a Mayoiga. Despite joining Kiwa on a whim, the two girls find comfort in Mayoiga, a legendary house, said to look after lost travelers, and the warm hospitality of Kiwa. Both girls’ damaged hearts begin to heal little by little. Until one day, a variety of strange beings which Kiwa calls “Fushigitto” begin popping up around the house.

A heartwarming yet bittersweet tale set in her native prefecture of Iwate by award-winning writer, Sachiko Kashiwaba. It's a story about nostalgia, precious
kinship, and a touch of magic.
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Raised in peace and on fanciful tales of a mythical far-off land without war, young Thorfinn dreams of someday traveling to the fabled Vinland.

That dream is shattered when threats from the legendary Jomsvikings put him in the path of a band of Viking mercenaries, forcing Thorfinn's father to sacrifice himself to the band's leader: Askeladd. Alone and far from home, Thorfinn joins the forces of his father's slayer, determined to compel a duel with the mercenary leader and avenge his father. However, Thorfinn quickly finds himself ill prepared for a soldier's life in the long war between Denmark and England...where the opportunistic Vikings earn coin by fighting for both sides. Now he must learn how to fight and survive, even if it means facing friend and clan in battle!

Limited Edition contains episodes 1-24 of the anime in a Chipboard Art Box and includes an 176 Page Booklet, 6 Double Sided Art
Cards, and a Fabric Poster!

The rules of the Dungeon always seemed simple: Enter, avoid traps, kill monsters and gather treasure. But when Bell rescues a young vouivre, Wiene, who is capable of speaking, it changes his understanding of what the Dungeon's
monsters could be.

Unfortunately, the discovery of the Xenos, a secret group of monsters who all speak, reincarnate, and are capable of rational thought, isn't welcomed by all. With many of the Familias remaining determined to destroy all monsters on sight, Bell and the Hestia Familia quickly find themselves confronted on multiple fronts, even as other Familias work in secret to exploit the Xenos for their own sinister gains. And when the Xenos are forced to defend themselves, all hell breaks loose!

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?! Season 3 Premium Edition Box Set contains episodes 1-13 of the anime directed by Hideki Tachibana housed in a Chipboard Box and comes with a Hardcover Booklet combining Vol 1-4 + OVA, Artcards, and a Button Pack!

“This is the final battle to take back our future.”

Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia began its two-season run in October 2019. Set in ancient Mesopotamia, the series' depiction of epic battles between humanity and the gods cemented its popularity. The Chaldea Security Organization has been working day and night in a tireless effort to repair the Singularities spread across time to restore human history.

Master Ritsuka Fujimaru and Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight, supported by their friends in Chaldea, head to face their last, greatest
showdown: the Final Singularity.

Everyone knows that it's a really bad idea to play the Kokkuri
game by yourself.

The Wall covers, protects, cultivates, and nurtures the land of Lingalind.

Since he was a child, the Duke has been cursed with the touch of death.

Welcome to the Reapers’ Game. You have seven days to survive.

King Grey is unrivaled throughout the land in terms of strength,
wealth, and prestige.

However, underneath the glamour lies a deep solitude, so when he’s reincarnated as Arthur Leywin, he resolves to not squander this second chance at life and live every day to the fullest...

...but the peace of this new world hides something sinister that threatens
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