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July 18th, 2014
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It's another happy Friday from RACS World Headquarters!

Good grief, another REALLY busy week here at RACS world HQ! Even though we only got a few new arrivals, the studios kept us plenty busy sorting through all the new fall announcements, and I've got a breakdown of all those below. We've also got a great new coupon offer, so be sure to take a look at our new arrivals so you can load up for more summer Anime fun! OK folks, I gotta get back to work. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Bob (aka Robert) and the RACS Crew

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Noemi says Save Big @ RACS! 

Even part time Fry Cooks can afford to indulge their Anime habit here at RACS! Between now and August 1st you can save an additional 10% off any IN STOCK order over $100!


To save an additional 10% off any in stock order over $100, just use the following coupon at checkout:




This includes sale and out of print items - pretty much EVERYTHING we carry (except for pre-order items - the stuff has to be in stock at the time of your order the qualify for the discount). The more you purchase the more you save, so be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to load up on some of the Anime stuff you've had your eye on! US customers can combine this offer with our super saver shipping option to save even more on your favorite in stock Anime series, Manga, Figure, or Character Items!

Valid for new orders of IN STOCK items only (not pre-order items please) totaling $100 or more.
Offer expires at midnight EST on August 1st, so don't wait!!




Funi has announced a 4th (yes a 4th) version of the upcoming Attack on Titan Part #2 set this week. In addition to the previously announced Standard Edition (FN-07262) and Limited Edition (FN-07263) sets, Funi will also make a Limited Edition + ARTBOX version (FN-07270) available through select retailers like RACS. The Limited Edition + ARTBOX version will include a special artbox that will hold the Attack on Titan Limited Edition Parts 1 and 2.

Attack on Titan Collection #2 DVD/BD Combo Set (Limited Edition) + Art Box

4 Versions of the same release has got to be a new record! 

This Limited Edition + ARTBOX version really will actually be 'limited' in the sense that Funi is only going to offer a certain number of them to select retailers (like RACS), and each one of us is getting a specific allocation of the number of them we are allowed to order. Once they are spoken for we will not be able to re-order anymore. We're currently offering the SE, LE, and LE + BOX at some very special pre-order prices ($26.98, $47.98, & $54.98). These prices will only be available for a limited time, so book your copy today! Also, anyone who has already pre-ordered the Limited Edition and wants to change to the Limited Edition + ARTBOX version can just let us know and we'll see to it.

And in case anyone is still confused by all the different versions of Titan Set #2 and what they will include, I've done a primer over on the blog that runs down all 4 versions.

Funimation has again selected RACS to be one of the exclusive retailers for their Japanese Collectors Limited Edition BD #3 release of the GITS: Arise series:

Ghost In The Shell : Arise Japan Collectors Edition 3 BLURAY


Release date for the Vol #3 BD has been set for September 16th, 2014. This slip-cover imported Collectors Edition contains an English-translated 22-page guide booklet and a unique cut of the film strip. It will be Limited to 2,400 units nationwide. We are offering this limited edition at a special pre-order price of only $44.98 ($69.98 MSRP)!  Just remember, allocations may occur and Funi cannot guarantee exactly how many we are going to get, so all pre-orders will be filled first come, first served.

In addition to the above exclusives, Funimation has sent over their October 2014 general release schedule and we now have them up on the store site for pre-order! Here's what's coming:

Black Butler Season 2 Complete DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #25-42) (Classic) - Oct 14
Certain Magical Index Season 2 Part 1 Collection DVD (Eps #25-36) - Oct 14
Princess Jellyfish Complete Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (S.A.V.E. Edition) - Oct 14
Bayonetta: Bloody Fate BD/DVD Combo Set - Oct 21
Ghost In The Shell : Arise Borders 1 and 2 Edition DVD/BD Combo - Oct 21
Dragon Ball Z Season 8 UNCUT BLURAY (Eps #230-260) - Oct 28
Fairy Tail Season #3 Collection 4 (Box #12) DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #133-143) - Oct 28
Fairy Tail Season #4 Collection 1 (Box #13) DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #144-154)- Oct 28
Hellsing Ultimate Vol #9-10 DVD/BD Combo Boxed Set - Oct 28
One Piece Collection #10 DVD Boxed Set (Uncut) (Eps #232-257) - Oct 28
Nothing beats a good nights sleep, that's for sure...
I realize they are doing a 'classic' edition of Black Butler Season 2 before Season 1. Not sure what to make of that. The domestic release of GiTS Arise will be dubbed only, so if you want the original Japanese track you'll still need to pickup the collectors editions as they come out. We're FINALLY getting ep #9 and #10 of Hellsing Ultimate - what's it been like 4 years? We're also getting two new Fairy Tail sets on the same day - awesome!

Since Funi has decided to release the Princess Jellyfish S.A.V.E. edition a little earlier than they originally thought, and at a very low price relative to the older edition, we're going to cancel all backorders for old Princess Jellyfish edition. We'll need you to re-order the S.A.V.E. edition if you would still like to have a copy of this title.

Viz has finished fleshing out their September and October schedules, and we now have them up for pre-order at RACS. Here's what's coming

Moribito Guardian of the Spirit Complete Collection DVD Set (Eps #1-26) - Aug 26
Moribito Guardian of the Spirit Complete Collection BLURAY Set (Eps #1-26) - Aug 26

Blood Lad Complete Series DVD (Eps 1-10+OVA) - Sep 2
Blood Lad Complete Series DVD/BD Combo Set (Premium) (Eps 1-10+OVA) - Sep 2
Ranma 1/2 DVD Set #3 (Eps #47-68)
- Sep 16

Ranma 1/2 BLURAY Set #3 (Eps #47-68) - Sep 16
Bleach DVD Collection #22 Boxed Set (Eps 292-303) (Uncut) - Sep 30

Naruto Triple Feature (Ninja Clash/Stone of Gelel/Crescent Moon) DVD - Oct 14
Naruto: Shippuden Collection #20 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #245-256) (Uncut) - Oct 14

And don't forget, Sailor Moon is coming in November - Yeah!

If it just me or does the US Anime market look like it's getting a little frothy again? MEH.

Couple of new license announcements this week - Sentai announced it has acquired Blade Dance of the Elementalers, which started showing in Japan this week. Also, the word on the street is that Media Blasters will (try to) do a DVD release of the Holy Knight OVA. They are saying sub-only and ship on October 14. Um, yeah. I suppose we'll put it up for pre-order next week, and keep our fingers crossed they can make that schedule.

We added New Video's (who?) releases of the big Yu-Gi-Oh classic series collectors box and the the DVD and BD versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Movie. Both are in stock and shipping now.

And finally, a few administrative updates:

I apologize to everyone who has had an order waiting for the Devil is a Part Timer Limited Edition. They were under produced at Funi and quickly sold out after they initially shipped to retailers. We were in good shape on our initial pre-order qnty, but apparently when a lot of other retailers started smelling the short supply (even big ones like the Zon), they jacked up the price on the sets, and since we didn't, we got swamped with new orders and our stock was pretty much wiped out - and all this BEFORE the official street date. Welcome to the Anime business. We've confirmed with Funi that there are more on the way to us now, so we should have orders that include the set caught up by Mon or Tues day of next week.
Did I mention we have plenty of the standard edition in stock too?
We got in some new Kitty restocks this week, including:

Kite Special Edition DVD (Uncut) (Adult)
Project Boobs DVD (Adult)
La Blue Girl Returns the Collection DVD (Adult)

John at Media Blasters says he's got about 20 more out of stock Kitty titles back in the repress pipeline, so we're hoping to have more updates soon. Kite Uncut, in particular, was out of stock for nearly a year. Yikes.

More last ones to report this week. We're down to the very last one of the following figurines:

Brandish: Tusker Charm White Devil 1/7 Scale PVC Figure AF-BRAN(600978)(TS)
One Piece: Ben Beckman PoP NEO-DX 1/8 Scale PVC Figure AF-OP(713361)(TS)
Catherine: Katherine Art Spirits Version 1/8 Scale PVC Figure AF-AS(000061)(TS)
Prison School: Meiko Shiraki Catsuit Version 1/7 Scale Figure AF-PS(4562177700078)(TS)


Get em before they are gone!

In anticipation of the release of the Appleseed: Alpha prequel next week, we've been able to arrange a better wholesale deal on the title so we've reduced the price for the DVD and BD to $19.98 and $24.98 respectively. All pre-orders will be automatically adjusted to the new lower price.

And finally, NISA informed us that due to the West Coast port strike delaying some key materials, shipment of the second and final batch of the new Toradora Dubbed premium edition has been delayed for a couple of weeks. They now anticipate shipping that last batch to retailers around the end of July, so we should have them first week of August.

We're down the last half dozen copies of the original batch, and once they are gone we're going to put it back up for pre-order against that final early August restock shipment. Don't wait on this one folks, once these are gone that will be it, and I expect that last batch will only last a few weeks once it arrives. If you haven't already, get your order in as soon as you can. 


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Top Sellers at RACS for the Week of Jul 18th, 2014                 

Best selling products at RACS by category during the past week in order of units shipped:


DVD / BluRay  
  1. Fairy Tail Season #3 Collection 3 (Box #11) DVD/BD Combo Set 
  2. Devil is a Part Timer Complete Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Limited Edition) 
  3. Love Lab Complete Collection BLURAY 
  4. Toradora! Complete Series Bilingual Premium Edition DVD/BD Combo Set 
  5. Kill la Kill Vol #1 DVD/BD Combo Set (Limited Edition) + CD (Eps #1-4) 


  1. Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends - Now With 50% More Fail! Graphic Novel 
  2. Nisekoi: False Love , Vol #4, Graphic Novel 
  3. Sacred Blacksmith , Vol #5, Graphic Novel 
  4. Kinokoinu Mushroom Pup , Vol #1, Graphic Novel 
  5. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rift Part 2 Graphic Novel 
Figurines & Toys
Odds and Sods

This September issue of Akita Shoten's Champion RED magazine is announcing on Saturday that Leiji Matsumoto (Space Battleship Yamato, Star Blazers, Galaxy Express 999) will launch the Captain Harlock ~Jigen Kokai~ (Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage) manga in the next issue on August 19. Koichi Shimahoshi will illustrate the series, and the first 50-page chapter will include color pages.

Ah man, sweetness!

Market survey firm Oricon reported on Wednesday that Disney's animated film Frozen sold 661,000 Blu-ray Discs on its first official day of sales in Japan. In one day on Wednesday, it has set the all-time record in Japan for cumulative Blu-ray Disc sales. Frozen is poised to become a million-seller based on pre-orders alone. The previous record-holder for first-day Blu-ray Disc sales in Japan was Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo with 199,000 copies. The previous record holder for first-week sales was Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance with 357,000 copies. Evangelion: 2.22 has since garnered cummulative sales of 465,000 copies - the all-time record now broken by Frozen.

That gal don't need no prince to save her - just let it go! -_^

The merchandising company Great Eastern Entertainment filed a lawsuit in Illinois against Amanda Naeemi, her Maryland Anime store, VK338 LLC, and 10 unnamed defendants on June 23. Great Eastern alleges the defendants engaged in inter alia, passing off, trademark infringement, false advertising, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, and consumer fraud. Great Eastern believes the 10 Does listed work for Naeemi and create, sell, and supply her with counterfeit merchandise. VK3388, LLC is listed as an alternate business name for Maryland Anime per a convention form registration at Anime Central. According to the lawsuit, the defendants sold counterfeit merchandise at their booth at Chicago's Anime Central convention two months ago. On May 17, an Aniplex of America representative noticed a Sword Art Online Kirito plush toy at the Maryland Anime booth with Great Eastern's logo, but the toy was made of different materials, missing details, had typographical errors on its tag, and featured a QR code redirecting to a Chinese website. The defendants were issued a citation by convention staff to stop selling the merchandise or they would be "immediately ejected from the [convention] hall without refund." One of the unnamed Maryland Anime staff members signed the form, thus agreeing to obey the citation. Great Eastern is requesting a jury trial, an award of damages, the defendants' profits gained through sale of unlawful merchandise, legal fees, and delivery of any remaining counterfeit merchandise. The Maryland Anime Facebook page is still active, but its official website is now protected. Attempts to contact Naeemi at her listed e-mail address were returned as undeliverable.

No surprise here. There are a lot dumb Anime retailers out there still trying to make a couple extra bucks off of bootleg stuff. You would think that they would be smart enough not to take that stuff to a show - I mean, it's not just fans that will be there but industry reps too - but what can I say, it's all fun and games until a big company sees you and decides to turn out your lights. Dumb dumb dumb.

And finally, Anime Fan Chris Kessler reimagines the 30th anniversary Blade Runner Trailer Using 90s Anime Clips. His "What if Blade Runner was an anime?" trailer using the audio from the 30th Anniversary Blade Runner trailer, and clips from AD Police Files and Bubblegum Crisis. Check it out, it's pretty awesome!

Hot Off the Truck!

The following titles have just arrived this morning and are being checked into our warehouse now:

Fantasista Doll Complete Collection DVD
Fantasista Doll Complete Collection BLURAY
From the New World Collection #2 DVD (Eps #13-24)
From the New World Collection #2 BLURAY (Eps #13-24)

We'll update these on the store site later this afternoon, but all of these will be available for outgoing shipments today! 
That's all I have for this issue. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Anime!

Perhaps it was from the shock of discovering her school's most respected girl kissing a life-size huggie doll, but in those first awkward moments Riko Kurahashi said something she wishes she hadn't. Not only did student council president Natsuo Maki completely swallow Riko's glib fib about being, "popular with the boys," she drafted Riko as her aide and advisor in love and romance! It would have been bad enough if Natsuo only wanted advice, but Fujisaki Girls Academy's most brilliant student is also the most obsessive, and simply talking about the opposite sex isn't sufficient. No, Natsuo postulates hypothetical scenarios and "researches" them in her secret Love Lab! And since interaction with boys is banned at Fujisaki, guess who has to help act those fantasies out? As other girls join the Love Lab, Riko's role as the group's love-master becomes even worse! Because she ISN'T one! Most boys don't even LIKE her, but how can she admit that without destroying the friendships she now cherishes? Exposure looms and each new "experiment" brings Riko one step closer to total disaster as Love and Deception combine into the ultimate explosive mixture in the LOVE LAB!

When Satan is run out of his infernal kingdom, he finds himself virtually powerless in modern-day Tokyo. Stuck in a feeble mortal body and desperate for cash, there's only one way for the dark lord to survive: by getting a job manning the deep fryer at "MgRonald"! As Satan flips burgers and tries to regain his evil magic, he's pestered by a righteous hero who tracked him to Earth, a video-game-loving fallen angel looking for a way back into heaven, and the most unholy of enemies: a rival fast food franchise. Will he figure out a way to reclaim his homeland and throne? And if not, will this demonic burger king at least sell enough featured menu items to be promoted to shift supervisor? The devil can't survive on minimum wage in the series Anime News Network calls "pure, unadulterated, gloriously fun entertainment.

They said it couldn't happen, but they were as wrong as a stack of pancakes in a cage full of bears! The adorable boys of Hetalia are back with some new friends and a super sparkly new look. What's more fun than Germany squatting in a dandelion patch? How about the Axis Boys joining the witchcraft club? Or maybe Russia suffering through a traumatic hamster flashback? Any way you slice the spaghetti, every cute boy enjoys a little quality bath time, and Turkey and Greece can't wait to start splishing and splashing! Belgium throws a mouthwatering waffle party, and America shows off his sweet dance moves! And when Santa Claus goes missing, Canada (who's that?) tries to replace him with a polar bear! A POLAR BEAR!?

Contains episodes 1-25 of season 5 and a set of Hetalia chibi stickers.

Madoka Kaname is an eighth-grader who leads a peaceful, fun-filled life as a student, surrounded by her beloved family and her best friends. One day, a transfer student named Homura Akemi arrives in Madoka's class. She is a dark-haired beauty with a somewhat mysterious disposition. Soon after meeting Madoka for the first time, Homura goes on to issue Madoka a strange warning. Madoka also meets Kyubey, a mysterious looking white creature. He says, "Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!" To make any wish come true - Madoka didn't know the meaning of this miracle nor what its cost may prove to be. An impending loss triggers a drastic change in her destiny...

Limited edition includes contains Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings & Part 2: Eternal on Blu-ray and DVD, plus a deluxe booklet housed in an artbox designed by character designer Junichiro Taniguchi!

Also in stock:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings DVD
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal DVD

Jintan, Menma, Anaru, Yukiatsu, Tsuruko, and Poppo - six grade-school students who were the best of friends. As the "Super Peace Busters," they always played together at their "secret base" until Menma died in a tragic accident. Five years later, Menma appeared before Jintan, now a high school freshman. No one could see her but Jintan, and Menma told him that she wanted the Super Peace Busters to grant her a certain wish. But not even Menma herself remembered what that wish was. Having been traumatized by Menma's death, the five had drifted apart, but after giving vent to their bottled-up feelings in an emotionally-charged moment, they gradually went back to being the "gang" of years past. And then Menma said goodbye, leaving letters to everyone of the Super Peace Busters. One year later - once again, they gather at their secret base, each of them with a letter to Menma in hand.

This special collector's edition includes a compilation music CD (including the theme song "Circle Game" by Galileo Galilei), a memorial postcard set, a double-sided Menma poster, and a deluxe booklet, all housed in an artbox illustrated by character designer Masayoshi Tanaka!

Honnouji Academy - where the school is ruled by students clad in special outfits called Goku Uniforms. Deriding the student body as "pigs in human clothing," Student Council President Satsuki Kiryuin, along with her loyal underlings, the Elite Four, has the academy under their absolute control. One day, a vagrant schoolgirl named Ryuko Matoi appears and tries to get Satsuki, who recognizes her Scissor Blade, to talk. Was their encounter a mere coincidence or fate? The clash between the two will soon consume the whole academy!

The limited edition includes a Rearrange and Remix Soundtrack CD by Hiroyuki Sawano, a postcard set, and a double-sided poster!

This is the story of a man who has yet to realize what destiny holds in store for him...

Gurren Lagann Movie #1: Childhood's End

Far in the future, human live underground quietly and restlessly for hundreds of years, suffering from frequent earthquake and land subsidence. In Giha Village, one of such underground communities, there are two young men. One is called Simon who is shy and na�ve, the other is called Kamina who believes in existence of a "surface" world above their heads. Destiny of the two starts moving drastically when the ceiling falls, and a gigantic "Gunmen" and a beautiful girl Yoko with a superconductive rifle come from the surface. Kamina, Simon and Yoko get on "Lagann" that Simon digs out from the ground, and jump out to the surface! However, the surface is not such a dreamland as Kamina imagined. The world is reined by the Spiral King and his army beastmen. Kamina and Simon, along with their comrades challenge the Spiral King to change the desperate world to the one with hope for the future by Gurren Lagann!

Gurren Lagann Movie #2: The Lights in the Sky Are Stars

"When the heavens are pierced open, the young man sees a path to the future..." Valiantly persevering through the traumatic aftermath of Kamina's death, Team Dai-Gurren collectively destroys the Four Generals and finally reaches Teppelin, the royal capital, where Simon wins a fierce battle against the Spiral King, Lordgenome. Seven years have passed after the battle of Teppelin... Humans have since reclaimed the surface of the earth and enjoy an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. However, humanity's increasing population growth triggers the sudden emergence of an unknown, powerful enemy. The fearsome, manipulative power of the mysterious Anti-Spiral proves too overwhelming for humans to even fight back. When everyone becomes desperate and loses hope, Team Dai-Gurren members reunite to stand up once again!

Anomal Graphic Novel
One Is Enough Graphic Novel
Substrata Open World Dark Fantasy Art Collection

In stock last week:

07 Ghost , Vol #11, Graphic Novel
Arpeggio of Blue Steel , Vol #1, Graphic Novel
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Rift Part 2 Graphic Novel
Bloody Cross , Vol #3, Graphic Novel
Case Closed, Vol #51, Graphic Novel
D. Gray-Man, Omnibus #4 (Vol #10-12) Graphic Novel
Demon Love Spell , Vol #6, Graphic Novel
Flowers of Evil , Vol #10, Graphic Novel
Fullmetal Alchemist Omnibus #8 (Vol #22-24) Graphic Novel
Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends - Now With 50% More Fail! Graphic Novel
Kinokoinu Mushroom Pup , Vol #1, Graphic Novel
Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus Edition #5 (Vol #11-12) (712 pgs)
Midnight Secretary , Vol #6, Graphic Novel
Monster Musume , Vol #3, Graphic Novel - Restocked!
My Love Story!! , Vol #1, Graphic Novel
Naruto, Vol #66, Graphic Novel
Nisekoi: False Love , Vol #4, Graphic Novel
Phantom Thief Jeanne , Vol #3, Graphic Novel
Ranma 1/2 Omnibus Edition #3. (Vol #5-6) Graphic Novel, (360pgs)
RIN-NE , Vol #15, Graphic Novel
Sacred Blacksmith , Vol #5, Graphic Novel
Seven Deadly Sins , Vol #3, Graphic Novel
Sherlock Bones , Vol #6, Graphic Novel
Skip Beat, Vol #22-24, Omnibus Edition Graphic Novel
Sweet Rein , Vol #3, Graphic Novel
Vampire Hunter D, Vol #21, Novel (Book)

More new manga arrivals here!


Recent New Anime Figurine Arrivals - Now in Stock:


















Jul 11th:


Bible Black: Reika Kitami Red Version 1/6 Scale Figure (Adult)
BlazBlue Chronophantasma: Mu-12 BLACK 1/8 Scale Figure (Sword of the Godslayer)
Creator's Collection: Princess Stella 1/7 Scale Figure (Adult)
Original Character Daydream Collection Charm Maid Peach Version 1/6 Figure (Adult)
Dragon's Crown: Sorceress 1/8 Scale Figure
Evangelion 3.0 Asuka Langlay Shikinami New Plug Suit Version RAH Action Figure
Girls Und Panzer: Miho Nishizumi Figma Action Figure
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere: Jizuri Suzaku 1/8th Scale Figure
Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere Tomo Asama 1/8 Scale Ani Statue
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Panty Anarchy 1/8 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online: Leafa Fairy Dance Arc Version1/8 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online: Suguha Kirigaya 1/8 Scale Figure
Original Character Twilight Figure Amadeus Classic Piano 1/6 Scale Figure
Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku ~Deep Sea Girl ~ 1/8 Scale Figure (Character Vocal Series)
Waiting in the Summer Kanna Tanigawa 1/6 Scale Figure

Jun 26th:




7th Dragon 2020 x Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku Type 2020 1/7 Scale Figure
Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager Figma Action Figure
Berserk: Casca Figma Action Figure
Black Rock Shooter Strength TV Animation Version Figma Action Figure
Border Break: BB Girls Collection 1/8 Scale Figure Set (Set of 4)
Fairy Tail: Wendy Marvell 1/8 Scale Figure
Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere : Futayo Honda Figma Action Figure
Hunter x Hunter: Curarpickt Figma Action Figure
Hunter x Hunter : Gon Freecss Figma Action Figure
Hunter x Hunter : Killua Zoldyck Figma Action Figure
Is This A Zombie? Seraphim Bunny Version 1/4 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Mana Tendou 1/8 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Mei Sagara 1/8 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Miyabi Kannagi 1/8 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Rinka Kunitachi 1/8 Scale Figure
Little Busters!: Komari Kamikita 1/8 Scale Figure
Attack on Titan : Eren Yeager Nendoroid Action Figure
Bakemonogatari : Suruga Kanbaru Nendoroid Action Figure
Fantasista Doll : Uzume Uno Nendoroid Action Figure
Fate/EXTRA CCC : Saber Bride Nendoroid Action Figure
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet : Amy Nendoroid Action Figure
Monster Hunter : Female ~Kirin Edition~ Nendoroid Action Figure
Monster Hunter : Female ~Lagombi Edition~ Nendoroid Action Figure
Nisemonogatari: Tsukihi Araragi Cover Pose Version 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece: Roronoa Zoro Edition Z P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece: Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point ''MAS'' P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates 1/8 Figure
Oreimo: Kirino Kousaka (Uniform & Swimsuit) 1/8 Scale Figure
Original Character: Margit Suzuki Chemistry 1/7 Scale Figure
Prison School: Meiko Shiraki Catsuit Version 1/7 Scale Figure
Queen's Blade: Risty EX Excellent Model Core 1/8 Scale Figure w/ Plastic Sheet
Senran Kagura: Haruka Swimsuit Version 1/8 Scale Figure
Seven Deadly Sin: Lucifer Watermelon Cracking 1/8 Scale Figure LIMITED EDITION
Shin Koihime Musou: Kanu (Guan Yu) 1/8 Scale Figure
Shining Ark: Velvet Batrass 1/8 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online: Asuna 1/8 Scale Figure
V.I.P Rare Selection: Minori Aiba 1/7 Scale Figure
Valhellio: Iris Hartley 1/8 Scale Figure

May 8th:


One Piece: Nami Luffy Cosplay Portrait of Pirates 1/8 Scale Figure
Queen's Blade: Alleyne Beautiful Fighters 1/6 Scale Figure
Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero Figure
Shining Blade : Airy Ardet 1/8 Scale Ani-Statue
X-Force Psylocke 1/6 Scale Fine Art Statue
Marvel Avengers Now Hulk 1/10th Scale ARTFX+ Statue
Dean Yeagle Mandy & Scoots Variant Edition Statue
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Maquette
DC Comics: Nightwing New 52 Version ArtFX+ Statue
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Revoltech Yamaguchi Action Figure

Apr 24th:

Garden Of Sinners Shiki Ryougi - Dreamy, Remnants Of Daily - 1/8 Scale Ani Statue
Iron Man 3 - Mark XLII (42) Revoltech Action Figure
Muv-Luv Alternative: Kasumi Yashiro ~Bunny Mode~ 1/6 Scale Ani Statue
Rumble Roses Ms.Spencer FineScenery 1/8 Scale Figure
Shirow Masamune Pieces 2 Phantom Cats: Cyril 1/6 Scale Figure
Tekken TT2 : Jun Kazama Bishoujo Statue

Apr 3-4th:


Avengers Iron man Mk 7 AHV Action Hero Vignettes 1/9 Scale Figure
Avengers Captain America Action Hero Vignettes 1/9 Scale Figure
Bayonetta 1/7 Scale Figure - Restocked!
Attack on Titan: Levi Brave-Act 1/8 Scale Figure
Attack on Titan: Levi Brave-Act Cleaning Version 1/8 Scale Figure
Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman Figma Action Figure
Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid Action Figure
Bible Black: Rika Shiraki Black Version 1/6 Scale Figure (Adult)
Bible Black: Rika Shiraki Pink Version 1/6 Scale Figure (Adult)
Bible Black: Reika Kitami 1/6 Scale Figure (Adult)
Boin: Hanamaru Rurika 1/6 Scale Figure (Adult)
Border Break: Fiona Shunya Yamashita Version 1/7 Scale PVC Figure
Captain America The Ultimates Version Motorcycle Statue
Certain Scientific Railgun S Kuroko Shirai Nendoroid Action Figure
Devil Summoner 2 : Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid Action Figure
DC Comics: SuperGirl New 52 Version ArtFX+ Statue
Disgaea : Etna Nendoroid Action Figure
Eiyuu Senki Gold: Percival 1/8 Scale Figure
Fate/EXTRA CCC: Caster 1/8 Scale Figure
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: Saber Swimsuit Version 1/6 Scale Figure
Fate/stay Night Rin Tohsaka Pentanko Figurine
Fate/stay Night Saber Pentanko Figurine
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: Amy Figma Action Figure
Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Action Hero Vignettes 1/9 Scale Figure
Iron Man 3 Mk 39 StarBoost Action Hero Vignettes 1/9 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Ikusu Mizutani 1/8 Scale Figure
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Konoe Tsuruma 1/8 Scale Figure
Nisemonogatari: Senjougahara Hitagi 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece: Vivi Nefertari NEO-DX Portrait of Pirates 1/8 Scale Figure
Oreimo: Petanko Ayase Aragaki Version Figure
Oreimo: Petanko Holy Angel Version Figure
Oreshura : Masuzu Natsukawa 1/8 Scale Figure
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura Akemi RAH Action Figure
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Sayaka Miki RAH Action Figure
Saint Seiya: Saint Cloth Myth EX S Gemini Saga (Surplice) Action Figure
Saint Seiya : Saint Cloth Myth Phoenix Ikki God Cloth 10th Anniversary Action Figure
Samurai Girls: Keiji Maeda Limited Edition w/ Luncheon Mat 1/8 Scale Figure
Samurai Girls : Yagyu Jubei Silver Sword Princess Limited Ed w/ Luncheon Mat 1/8 Figure
Street Fighter : Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue
Superman: Man of Steel Statue by Kenneth Rocafort
Sword Art Online : Asuna Alfheim Online Version 1/8 Scale Figure
To Love-Ru Darkness Momo Belia Deviluke 1/6 Scale Figure
Unbreakable Machine Doll : Yaya 1/8 Scale Figure
Walkure Romanze: Celia Cumani Aintree ~White Shirt Version~ 1/8 Scale Figure
WataMote : Tomoko Kuroki Nendoroid Action Figure
Wonder Woman Art of War Statue by George Perez
You and Her and Her Love: Miyuki Stone 1/8 Scale Figure

Mar 5-6th:


Berserk: Guts Hawk Soldier Version Figma Action Figure
Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb: Sae Figma Action Figure
Bakemonogatari: Mayoi Hachikuji Nendoroid Action Figure
Disgaea : Flonne Nendoroid Action Figure
Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat: Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi Nendoroid Action Figure
One Piece: Aokiji P.O.P Excellent Model 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece : Kalifa Excellent Model Portrait Of Pirates 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece : Rob Lucchi Excellent Model Portrait Of Pirates 1/8 Scale Figure
OniAi : Akiko Himenokouji 1/8 Scale Figurine
Rage of Bahamut (Shingeki no Bahamut) Dark General 1/8 Scale Figurine
Shining Hearts : Melty 1/8 Scale Figure
Sister Brother : Oda Yae 1/6 Scale Figurine
Yuyushiki : Nonohara Yuzuko Swimsuit Version 1/8 Scale Figurine

Feb 27th:

Ane to Boin : Hanamaru Rurith 1/6 Scale Figure
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Ousawa Miu 1/8 Scale Figurine
Bayonetta 1/7 Scale Figure
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Noel Vermillion 1/7 Scale Figurine
Is This a Zombie? Eucliwood Hellscyth 1/4 Scale Figurine
Maid Yome (Maid Bride) : Yuki 1/7 Scale Figurine

Feb 11-12th:

Original Character: Tony's Heroine Collection "Peace Keeper" Daisy 1/6 Complete Figure
Trigun Badlands Rumble : Vash the Stampede ARTFX J The Gunman in Black 1/8 Scale Figure
Metal Gear Solid 2 : Raiden Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Infinite Crisis : Atomic Wonder Woman Statue
Star Wars : Sandtrooper ARTFX+ Action Figure (2 Pack)
Star Wars : Sandtrooper Sergeant ARTFX+ Action Figure
Star Wars Urapau 212th Attack Battalion Clone Trooper 1/10 Scale Statue
DC Collectibles Bombshells Batgirl Statue
DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City Catwoman Statue
Accel World : Kuroyukihime (Good Smile) 1/8 Scale PVC Figure
Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland Totori 19 Year Old Version 1/8 Scale PVC Figure
Haganai : I Don't Have Many Friends NEXT Yukimura Kusunoki 1/8 Scale PVC Figure
Love Between You, Her and Her (Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi) Mukou Aoi 1/8 Scale Figurine
MajiKoi (Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S) Musashibou Benkei 1/8 Scale Figure
Senran Kagura: Asuka ~Damaged Version~ 1/8 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online : Asuna Aincrad ~Fencer Version~ 1/8 Scale Figure
Sword Art Online : Leafa 1/8 Scale Figure
Vividred Operation: Rei Kuroki 1/8 Scale Figure
Black Rock Shooter : Strength TV Version Nendoroid Action Figure
Fate/stay Night : Saber Alter Super Moveable Edition Nendoroid Action Figure
Rozen Maiden : Shinku Nendoroid Action Figure
Vividred Operation: Akane Isshiki Nendoroid Action Figure
Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance Revoltech Action Figure
Steins;Gate: Kurisu Makise Figma Action Figure
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Revoltech Action Figure - Restocked!

Jan 30-31st:


Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb: Hiro Figma Action Figure
Steins;Gate: Kurisu Makise White Coat Figma Action Figure
Danganronpa : Makoto Naegi Nendoroid Action Figure
Date A Live : Tohka Yatogami Nendoroid Action Figure
Fate/EXTRA : Saber Nendoroid Action Figure
Strike Witches : Yoshika Miyafuji (Shinden Version) Nendoroid Action Figure
Sword Art Online : Asuna Nendoroid Action Figure
Tetsudou Musume : Alice Kuji Nendoroid Action Figure
Tetsudou Musume : Miyuki Takano Nendoroid Action Figure
Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Harlock Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Kei Yuuki Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Gundam Fix Figuaration Metal Composite: RX-0 BANSHEE
Saint Seiya : Saint Cloth Myth Cygnus Hyoga 10th Anniversary Version Action Figure
BlazBlue Chronophantasma: Mu-12 (Sword of the Godslayer) 1/8 Scale Figure
Naruto Shippuden: Naruto w/ Yondaime Coat G.E.M. Series 1/8 Scale Figure
Creater's Collection: Ran Misugi 1/7 Scale Figure
One Piece: Donquijote Doflamingo (P.O.P. Neo DX Excellent Model) 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece: Lion Shiki P.O.P Scale Figure (SE-Maximum) 1/8 Scale Figure
One Piece: Trafalgar Law P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates (Sailing Again / New World) 1/8 Scale Figure

Jan 15-16th:


Muv-Luv Alternative: Mitsurugi Meiya 1/7 Scale Ani Statue
Yu Yu Hakusho: Kazuma Kuwabaraa 1/8 Scale ARTFX Figure
Archenemy and Hero Maou 1/8 Scale Ani Statue
Idolm@Ster: Yukiho Hagiwara Angelic Island 1/7 Scale Ani Statue
Prince of Tennis II: Keigo Atobe ArtFX-J Ani-Statue
Yu Yu Hakusho: Yoko Kurama 1/8 Scale ArtFX J Figure
Marvel Bishoujo :Psylocke X-Force Ninja Outfit 1/7 Scale Statue
DC Comics: Shazam New 52 Version ArtFX+ Statue
DC Comics Bombshells Harley Quinn Statue
DC Comics : Deathstroke New 52 ARTFX+ 1/6 Scale Statue
Fantasy Figure Gallery Malefic Time Lilith 1/4 Scale PolyResin Statue
Tekken 2 Tag Tournament: Ling Xiaoyu 1/7 Scale Bishoujo Figure
Bowen Designs: Rogue Modern PolyResin Statue
Assassin's Creed IV: Edward Kenway Statue
DC Comics : Superman For Tomorrow 1/6 Scale ARTFX Figure


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