Jo's journey in the world of esthetics has been a long one! Since 2011 she began working as a certified medical assistant in different specialties, such as urgent care, internal medicine, and neurosurgery. In 2016 she started working as a certified dermatology tech. She assisted physicians extensively in various areas and worked with patients individually doing laser and light therapy to help with various skin conditions. "Working in dermatology taught me so much about the skin, while working in medical taught me so much about healing. Dermatology was my favorite! Patient care and satisfaction are very important to me as well. Receiving gratitude from patients when their skin conditions improved made me so happy. Doing the treatments allowed me to build relationships with the patients I saw regularly. Soon I realized I wanted to do more with people individually"

Enter Ann Webb in 2018, while in derm she researched the best places in Austin for patients with darker skin toner to receive laser hair removal. When she discovered Ann Webb Skin Clinic was also an institute, it triggered the thought of becoming an esthetician! Jomarys graduated from Ann Webb Skin Institute at the top of her class. While in school she interned with Ann Webb assisting in cosmetic injections and laser treatments, until she received her laser license, and was hired immediately. Ann Webb Skin Institute and Clinic helped her expand her knowledge in the skin, and now she finally feels at home in the world of esthetics. Jo offers permanent makeup, electrolysis, cosmetic injections, along with other esthetic services!
Celebrate the New Year with a hydrating Champagne mask!
The champagne in the mask will detoxify your skin with antioxidants and will create an even and smooth skin tone.
Trichloroacetic acid or TCA facials are used to smooth out fine surface wrinkles, remove superficial blemishes, and improve skin texture. Results may take several days to heal but is definitely worth the wait!

Ultimate Acne Facials are performed by our most skilled acne specialist using Ann's special protocols. Book your appointment this month and receive 15% off your facial. If you are struggling with acne, this is the year to do away with it!

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