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Comprehensive Week of Foal Gentling with Anna in February
SOLD OUT and a waiting list has been started....  
Don't forget that there are spectator spaces
available at $75/day or $300 for the week....AND we are seeking 2 additional foals for the training
class. If you know of anyone who

needs help - FREE training offered, contact
info@reachouttohorses.com or info@equinevoices.org
We've also proud to announce
The Exclusive Animal Communication
6-Session Teleclass Series with International
Animal Communicator Anna Twinney

The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney


 Feb. 20-25th, 2012   

Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
Tucson, AZ 

Gentling foals can be some of the most important and rewarding work you will ever do.    


Cost:  Only $1,200 for the entire 6 day class! Spectators Welcome at $75/day or take advantage of the Arizona spectator special only $300 for the entire week!    

For more information or to reserve your spot contact Anna at info@reachouttohorses.com.


Working with our foals, knowing that you have helped save them from Canada's feedlot and given them a new chance for a full and happy life, is more rewarding than you can even imagine.


And now it's your turn to join Anna for a week of fun, friends and foals.      


Spend 6 fun-filled, info-packed days learning the Reach Out to Horses methods and work with a new group of foals, starting these young lives on the path towards a gentle, trust-based partnership with humans.

Under Anna's tutelage you will work directly with the foals, and learn how to teach them:

  • Halter training - acceptance of halter, leading
  • Tying (if appropriate)
  • Loading
  • Picking up feet
  • Grooming
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Blanketing
  • Navigating an obstacle course
  • Desensitization techniques to plastic bags and other objects
  • and more... 
By introducing these elements of Basic Handling to your foal at the age of weaning, you will be preparing them for the best start possible. Your foal has a memory for life, let these first memories be good ones.

The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Course with Anna Twinney

You will have the chance to understand, first-hand, the power of compassionate leadership and positive reinforcement while creating the clarity in boundaries and balance. Learn the same uniquely designed and proven program Anna herself uses to start foals for basic handling!


Over the Last 2 years Frank Weller and the Equine Angels saved 17 foals from certain death, 5 of which were filmed during a week long ROTH training program. The 4-part DVD set, Foals in Training depicts the lives of the foals from their arrival in trailers through to their first touch, their first halter, their first step. This unique, comprehensive tool gives you the opportunity to travel down the road as we gentle these beautiful souls. 


"We want our foals to feel safe," says Anna, "and their experiences with humans to be positive, memorable ones. These first important lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives and so the training must be done right. Acknowledging the 'whisper' is crucial, recognizing the 'try' is an art."


Date:  February 20th - 25th, 2012

Location: Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, Tucson, AZ

Cost:  Only $1,200 for the entire 6 day class!


Spectators Welcome at $75/day or take advantage of the Arizona spectator special only $300 for the entire week!


For more information or to reserve your spot contact Anna at info@reachouttohorses.com.


FIT CoverReach Out to Horses� & Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary present...


Success Foals in Training™ with Anna Twinney

A 4-DVD Comprehensive Foal Gentling System


From Feedlot Foals to Foals in Training   

with a brand new life ahead of them.


In this revolutionary comprehensive 4-part DVD system International Equine Specialist and Reach Out to Horses� Founder, Anna Twinney reveals the secrets of successful foal gentling.

The Exclusive Animal Communication
6-Session Teleclass Series with International  
Animal Communicator Anna Twinney

I was talking with my friend Bill the other day, and he shared how fortunate he felt he was to grow up in the era of classic television.  As a youngster, he never missed shows like Lassie, Rin-tin-tin, and Mr. Ed.  Bill told me how much he loved dreaming about the possibility of understanding EVERYTHING his animal companions were trying to tell him because of watching those shows.

Bill's dream of communicating with animals never faded, even as he grew older.  That brought him to one of my animal communication classes, where he learned how to connect and converse with the animals in his life.  He now uses this skill as a professional horse trainer, often amazing his clients with how quickly he connects with their horses.

Haven't YOU ever fantasized about how wonderful it would be to be able to carry on a conversation with another species? 

Courtesy of Lauren Munger

Have you ever wondered what your companion was trying to tell you as she sat at your feet, looking up at you with those big, brown eyes?

There's no guessing when your dog sits in front of you holding a ball, tail wagging, is there?  It's usually not quite so obvious, though.  Who among us hasn't gotten a tad frustrated, knowing our companion is asking us for something we can't quite figure out.  Or, maybe you've tried to alter an unwanted behavior using fool-proof technique after fool-proof technique the experts suggest, only to throw your hands up in surrender.  Did you ever think about how wonderful it would feel to be able to converse with your pet and come to an agreement to stop the acting up?

I'll assure you that you have this ability RIGHT NOW
.  With my guidance and diligent practice, you can LEAP across the communication gap between species.  With this skill, you can bring blessings to not only your own, but virtually any animal you meet.  Not to mention a little peace of mind over fewer chewed shoes.

I offer interspecies communication classes and retreats in many locations, to many different types of people all over the world.  I've seen miracles while helping others open to what they once thought were the silent voices of their precious animal friends and pets.

Even though my live classes are usually filled, I've always known there are at least twice as many people who can't make it for various reasons. Whether it's the money, time, or the demands of family, I know how hard it can be to pack, leave home for several days, and head out to parts unknown.

Now for the EXCITING NEWS.  For the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm conducting my interspecies communication class in a webinar format.

Starting Wednesday, February 1st, and continuing through March 7th, we'll meet online and on the phone for TWO FULL HOURS, once each week.  As a special bonus each week, during the final part of our session. I'll conduct a live communication with one of your companions.

This webinar series will be intense, with a discussion at the beginning of each session covering principles, followed quickly by a practical exercise or experience to reinforce your learning.  You'll also be encouraged to ask questions before I conduct an actual, live communication at the end of each session with one of your companions.

The in-person course tuition is $450.  But, since I'm offering this in a webinar format where you can attend from the comfort of your own home, you can attend this training at the substantially reduced rate of $147 for all six sessions if you register before January 26th!!!  That's almost a 70% in savings on tuition alone!!!  On the 26th, the price will go up to $297.

Even though you may not be able to attend a session or two, or the time isn't convenient, don't worry; Your registration will give you access to the recorded live classes.  Download them to your computer, MP3 player or other device, and listen to them at your convenience.

I'm very excited to put on this webinar, and hope you have the chance to join me.  I only have room for 50 on the call, and expect it to FILL FAST. Make sure you don't miss out.

Please do join me; I look forward to helping you become an EVEN GREATER blessing to the animals than you already are.

Happy trails,

Anna and AZ horse

About Anna Twinney:

Anna is an internationally recognized Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master.

As the founder of the Reach Out to Horses� program, she remains

on the cutting-edge of genuine, gentle communication techniques.


For over a decade Anna had been traveling the world teaching

people of all disciplines how to work in the horse's language and

create a trust-based partnership with their horse.


She has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and podcast shows, and regularly contributes to national and

international magazines.  She can be heard each week on her own podcast show, Reaching Out with Anna Twinney where she interviews partners and peers, legends and

pioneers in the fields of equine behavior and training, animal communication, alternative healing methods

and modalities, and more. 


For more information about Anna and the comprehensive Reach Out to Horses� program visit www.reachouttohorses.com.


Reach Out to Horses - Trust... Partnership... Results...