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College Associate's Retreat with Stuart and Celia McAlpine as speakers.  21 college seniors from the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Maryland beginning a nine-month discipleship program.  
CSLI Annapolis 
Starting a New Year!!

Dear Fellows, friends and supporters of CSLI Annapolis,

As I write this, our new CSLI academic year is underway and there are more people participating in CSLI discipleship programs this year than ever before. 

  • 25 Year 1 Fellows are reading and writing preparing for their Retreat on Sept 6-8;
  • 12 Year 2 Fellows are also preparing for the Sept 6-8 retreat;
  • 21 College Associates attended the Aug 25th retreat;
  • Over 30 Saint John's College Students attended the Welcome Back Picnic on Aug 26th.
All of the above have undertaken a year-long commitment to become better followers of Jesus and His teachings.  They are supported by over 20 mentors who will walk alongside them and meet with them monthly during this coming year.  We will be taking 60 people to the annual Fellows Retreat this coming September 6-8 at Sandy Cove, the largest group ever. 

Our Pastors are signing up for the first quarterly pastor fellowship which will be on September 5th at noon at YellowFin.  More than 50 pastors have registered to attend and they are praying that Jesus will increase His reign in this community and beyond.

We are also looking forward to Ken Boa's annual visit to Annapolis which will be November 2-4.  During this time we will have our annual Fellows Reunion Dinner on November 3rd at the DoubleTree Hotel.  (More to come on this!)

We have been given "favor" by Jesus in this land, the greater Annapolis community.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Him here and for all of you who support this work in the ways God has blessed and gifted you.  

In case you missed this in the last edition, w e made a new video for CSLI Annapolis which you can view below.

We have had an active 2017-18 academic year with the ongoing activities of our college fellowships, Fellows activities, and pastor luncheons.  You can check out some the pictures at the Gallery on the Annapolis Website.

None of this would have been possible without your financial and prayer support. Thank you for giving your time and resources to this work.  "Through us your generosity is resulting in thanksgiving to God." (2 For 9:11) 

You will want to check out the  Annapolis Calendar to see the upcoming events.  You can also check out all CSLI Annapolis happenings at our Annapolis Website. If you are led to support the Institute financially, please see the link below.  

Love you all.....

Jim Phillips
C.S. Lewis Institute
City Director, Annapolis
717-421-5544 (m)

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CSLI Annapolis Calendar

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There is info here specific to Fellows, Pastors, Students, Fellows Alumni, and the community at large.   Take a look at the calendar and bookmark this page for your future use.

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