Dr. Jerry Root, C.S. Lewis Scholar and Wheaton Professor
Speaker for May 5th Annapolis Banquet
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Here is your personal update to the happenings at C.S. Lewis Institute Annapoils!

CSLI Annapolis Happenings

Dear Fellows, friends and supporters of CSLI Annapolis,

There are five significant events coming up:

First, Register Here to attend the Annapolis Annual Banquet on May 5th, 5-8pm, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Dr. Jerry Root will be our speaker and he will talk on "C.S. Lewis' Great Idea!"  You will have to come to learn what that was/is.  :-)

Jerry Root is Professor of Evangelism and the Director of the Wheaton Evangelism Initiative at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. He received his Ph.D. from British Open University and his M.Div. from Talbot School of Theology, and both his M.Div. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation focused on C.S. Lewis. He has taught college and university courses on C.S. Lewis continuously since 1980. Dr. Root is the author, contributor or editor of over twenty books including The Quotable C.S. Lewis, C.S. Lewis and a Problem of Evil: An Investigation of a Pervasive Theme and The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis.

Second, t he response to both the Year 1 and Year 2 Fellows Programs for this coming year is very strong.  W e have planned for 50 Fellows to attend the retreat at Sandy Cove in September, 2018 and we are going to have this and perhaps more.  If you or someone you know has interest in the Fellows Program, I am accepting applications through April 30th and m ore info and applications can be found at: 

Third, we have our next quarterly Pastors Luncheon at YellowFin Restaurant at noon on May 3rd.  If you are a minister and want to join us for great food, fellowship and prayer, come on this National Day of Prayer to be with us.  YellowFin is treating us to a very special menu to thank us for 5 years of hosting our luncheons with them.

Register Here to come be with us.

Fourth, our third annual SJC Christian Fellowship retreat will be held on April 20/21 at a new venue, Camp Wabana. If you are a SJC student/alumni, come be with us for this special time.  Cost is $25 and you can save your spot by giving your money to one of the Archons (Rachelle or Jason).  Come join us....

Fifth, if you are one of the USNA College Associates, we will have your graduation picnic/dinner on May 18, 6-8pm, at the Paca Gardens.  Come celebrate your faithfulness to the Associate Program and share with your fellow associates and mentors.  Good food and conversation is in store for all.  :-)


We have had an active 2017-18 academic year with the ongoing activities of our college fellowships, Fellows activities, and pastor luncheon.  You can check out some of these pictures at the Gallery on the Annapolis Website.

None of this would have been possible without your financial and prayer support.  Thank you for giving your time and resources to this work.  "Through us your generosity is resulting in thanksgiving to God." (2 For 9:11) 

Thank you all for your support of my new book, God's Megathemes.  All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support CSLI Annapolis.  Here is the first review of the book:


God's Megathemes provides answers to life's problems from author and apologist, Jim Phillips, who has trusted the authority of God's Word throughout his life to bring comfort and hope. Drawing from 30 years as Bible study leader, this book contains his favorite lessons. These lessons are what he feels are the most important elements of his legacy for his children and grandchildren.

He explains a megatheme is a truth of Scripture, never explicitly stated in Scripture, yet present in every story of Scripture. Some of these include:

- We miss God's best through disobedience
- The enemy of God's best is "good"
- If you are living in obedience, you will have adversity
- God accomplishes His purposes through the free choices of men and women
- We will be judged according to what we did with what we knew

21 megathemes are organized under six major headings that progressively help us become better followers of Jesus:

1. God and His Word Are Trustworthy
2. Disobedience (Sin) Is Destructive
3. The Gospel Is Good News
4. Christlikeness Is Our Goal
5. God Has Provided All We Need
6. A Follower of Jesus Will Face Adversity

This is a must have for well-studied theologians and Christian apologists, as well as every believer who desires to have a better understanding of God's character and methods for developing people into being his image-bearers.

You will want to check out the  Annapolis Calendar to see the upcoming events.  You can also check out all CSLI Annapolis happenings at our Annapolis Website. If you are led to support the Institute financially, please see the link below.  

Love you all.....

Jim Phillips
C.S. Lewis Institute
City Director, Annapolis
717-421-5544 (m)

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