Anne Morrow Lindbergh in 1937
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Anne Morrow Lindbergh is in the 2021 class of inductees to the New Jersey Hall of Fame, along with singer/songwriter Patti Smith, documentary photographer Dorothea Lange, and business leader Madam Louise Scott, among others. 

Morrow was Anne’s maiden name. She grew up in a close-knit, wealthy family in Englewood, New Jersey. Her father, Dwight Morrow, was appointed U.S. ambassador to Mexico in 1927—the same year Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic, a feat that reverberated around the world. Charles visited the Morrows on a victory lap to Mexico, spending time at their weekend house, Casa Mañana. It was there he proposed to Anne.

Charles Lindbergh’s biographer, A. Scott Berg, calls Charles and Anne the first celebrity couple of the modern age. They were hounded by paparazzi and tragically lost their first child in a botched kidnapping. It only heightened their fame. Anne, always an introvert, turned inward after Charles Jr.’s death. She began to write again, publishing the classic A Gift from the Sea, as well as novels, essays, and a series of edited diaries over the years; she also had five more children! 

State of the Arts first explored the Lindberghs in story about Morven Museum's Couple of an Age exhibition in 2016. It was the basis for PCK Media’s award-winning PBS documentary, Anne Morrow Lindbergh: You’ll Have the Sky.

Anne was Charles Lindbergh’s radio operator on two round-the-world trips, an experienced aviator herself, and a best-selling author. Happily, she’s now included in the New Jersey Hall of Fame—it’s certainly well-deserved!
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