Dear Friends: 

As this historic semester comes to a close, I realize how much I miss seeing my coworkers. Fortunately, our work continues remotely so I am often reminded of how grateful I am for the institute staff and students. They are resilient, resourceful and they continue to make a positive impact on our world, even from their home offices.      
We are eager to know what to expect for the fall semester and University leaders are busy planning. You can find more information here.   The University will announce plans for fall classes and events before the end of June. At that time, I will adjust the institute’s fall calendar of events as needed to comply with university policy. 

In the meantime, our work and events continue online. Below we say thanks to a few of our graduating seniors and share some great opportunities – online Campaign Bootcamp and a virtual Civic Saturday -- coming up this week and next. I hope you will consider joining us.   
Please stay healthy, concerned for and connected to one another.
Susan Nold, Director
Upcoming Events
Campaign Bootcamp
May 30th-31st , Campaign Bootcamp  will be entirely virtual and online. The curriculum will also cover how campaigns are adapting their outreach methods when face-to-face interaction is limited. While the in-person experience is the one we certainly prefer, the virtual offering has the added benefit of allowing us to include many more students. The  registration link  should be shared widely. Co-sponsorship by the  Texas Woman’s University Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy  makes this program possible for the next two years.
Civic Saturday

Join the Annette Strauss Institute at The University of Texas at Austin on June 6th to gather with old and new friends to nurture your civic spirit, laugh with others, and build community through new traditions.
TX Votes Senior Highlights
Kendall Bowen
Kendall joined TX Votes in 2018 and held the leadership role of Secretary. Her favorite memory with TX Votes was the last day of voting for the 2018 midterms. We want to thank Kendall for always being available when we needed her most. We couldn't have accomplished many of our goals without your help. Congratulations Kendall! and Hook 'Em!
Marco Guajardo
Marco Guajardo first joined TX Votes in 2016 and served as TX Votes Co-President, CEA Chair Events Committee Chair, and Rebranding Committee Chair. We want to thank Marco for going out on a limb and trying new things. Thanks to marco, TX Votes has the name and logo that is ingrained in who they are today.
Zachary Price
Zachary Price first joined TX Votes in 2016 and served as TX Votes Co-President, Vice President, and Events Committee Chair. We want to thank Zach for leading by example and not being afraid to jump into the political arena. Congratulations Zach and Hook 'Em!
Rushi Shah
Rushi Shah joined TX Votes in 2017 and served as the STEM Committee Chair. We want to thank Rushi for his thoughtful approach to all things political participation and for always bringing a spark of joy everywhere he goes. Congratulations Rushi and Hook 'Em!
Texas Civic Ambassador 2020-21 cohort applications are now open .
Our #CivicChallenge has started!
If you haven’t already, join the 10 day #CivicChallenge on @UTexasSpeakUp Twitter and Instagram. We will have a daily challenge that students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to complete and share with us for the last 2 weeks of May.
Congrats to Murchison Middle School's team: Through My Eyes!
Many Speak Up Teams are continuing their excellent work, despite not being able to meet in person. Murchison Middle School from Austin ISD has continued to expand upon their Speak Up Speak Out project,  Through My Eyes , about Cerebral Palsy awareness.
Two of the team members, Lucky and Miranda, recently became State Representatives for Be Strong Global, a non-profit aimed at eliminating bullying.
Lucky and Miranda were recently interviewed by the organization, too! Check out the video by clicking the thumbnail below!