Get to Know Your Christian History!
From the publisher of Touchstone
Anno Domini 2024: The St. James Calendar of the Christian Year is newly enhanced!
• For 2024 we have added select dates from Christian history which will be featured in Touchstone in 2024

11 x 17 wall calendar with 13 classic biblical engravings.
Includes more than 1,000 saints from the Bible and antiquity commemorated in both Eastern and Western calendars, an expression of the Christian Faith.
An excellent reference for schools, churches, ministries, and home-schoolers

A daily reminder of the communion of the saints for your home or office
Each month features:
Classical artwork of biblical scenes with Scripture verses.

Commentary from the Church fathers.

Informative notes about the Christian year.
Feasts of Our Lord from both Eastern & Western calendars.

Hundreds of saints, including many biblical saints.

• NEW: Select dates from Christian history
A daily reminder of your 2,000-year
Christian heritage!
Calendar to ship starting mid September, 2023