Corrective Exercise Specialist of the Year Competition Announcement
The Corrective Exercise Specialist of the Year ® competition for 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please read below for important information that may impact you.
Due to the recent health crisis that is affecting people across the globe, a decision has been made to cancel The Corrective Exercise Specialist of the Year competition for 2020. To those of you who have already submitted your applications, thank you for your efforts. Your submission will automatically be considered for the 2021 competition.

This overall purpose of the CES of the Year competition is to provide a TBMM Specialist with official recognition for his or her contributions to the exercise, health and fitness industry. Given the current stressful climate, we have come to appreciate that everyone would benefit greatly from hearing about the success stories that ALL of our TBMM Specialists have in common.

Therefore, instead of singling out one Specialist for recognition this year, we are inviting all of you to send us a short example or story of how you have helped someone improve their life as a result of your passion for corrective exercise. Submissions will be highlighted through our social media channels and stories will be featured in "Specialist Spotlight" posts on our popular blog.

Here are some examples of things we want to hear about:
  • A specific time you helped an individual feel or function better
  • Why you chose to specialize in the field of corrective exercise
  • Changes you have seen in your business as a result of your corrective exercise skills
  • How The BioMechanics Method has helped you personally
  • A favorite quote that inspires you to keep utilizing corrective exercise
  • Any positive story or experience you have regarding corrective exercise or The BioMechanics Method

Send any or all of the following so we can highlight you and your business:
  • Pictures of you doing activities or working with clients
  • Articles or links that mention your accomplishments or business
  • Video clips of you talking about why you love being a corrective exercise specialist
  • A favorite corrective exercise tip or trick that someone can try at home to feel better or de-stress
  • Your business contact information, social media links and/or website URL

Email your content to

We will be highlighting our TBMM Specialists on an ongoing basis throughout this very tumultuous time. Please submit your contributions as soon as possible so that we can start placing focus on positive events and let people know about the amazing things TBMM Specialists are doing to help them!
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