TOP Financial Institutions 2020
Lima, January 12th, 2021

MicroRate is pleased to announce the financial institutions (FI) that obtained the best international grades in Institutional Performance Rating (MIR) and Social Performance Rating during the crisis context due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The list includes regulated and non-regulated entities.

The MIR evaluates the overall performance regarding the best practices and sustainability in the long term. Furthermore, we are also pleased to recognize the effort in the social performance management, which confirms the responsibility of these FI towards their customers, employees, the community and the environment.

The list has been sorted according to the rating assigned and alphabetical order.
We also want to acknowledge the work and commitment of those entities that earned an international public rating at the level of excellence, before the start of the state of emergency*.

*Entities rated before mid-March 2020.
About MicroRate

MicroRate is the pioneering microfinance rating agency, and the only specialized rating agency that is authorized by the Peruvian Superintendent to rate all type of financial institutions. Since its inception in 1997, MicroRate has performed more than 1,300 ratings throughout the world, in Latin America and Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.