Swiss cows
As I was hiking here in the Alps of Switzerland these cows did not want to let me pass.
They ran towards me, intent on checking me out.
When I told them I teach meditation,
the one on the right shook her head and said 'why on earth would you do that for?'
For them, there is nothing else but the present moment -
none of the nonsense we carry around! 

The imagined life we regret not having lived
gives us clues to our yet to be fulfilled potential.

The Mindfulness Lectures presents:


Saturday, April 5th, 2014
3:00pm - 5:00pm

Above the entrance to the oracle of Delphi in Greece you find the inscription "Know Thyself". Curious, given Socrates' discovery that the only thing he knew for sure is not knowing anything. Popular psychological culture loves this buzz phrase: "Know yourself, and your life's woes will be taken care of!" The assumption then is that you go to a place where you get to know yourself, and once you are done, you will have healed your wounds and live a successful life.


So who or what are you? What does knowing yourself means? What is your self? What is the point of knowing yourself? Is there any value in knowing yourself? Can you ever really know yourself?


To answer these questions we will go back to basics and explore the whole landscape of ingredients making up the fabric of who we are. We will discover the complexity of this task as we explore the science, the evolution and the subjective experience of body, mind and spirit. We will catch glimpses of the cosmic beauty of such complexity as we talk about the many subtleties required to approach the essence of who we are. On the way, we will inevitably stumble upon the great mystery of emptiness, the nameless Source of this hauntingly powerful, yet eternally lingering question: "Who are you? How are you going to heal your life?"


A corresponding meditation practice will tune the instrument of our being at the beginning of the lecture.


A student asked:
"OK, so, I follow the instructions and put my attention into the soles of my feet. So there it is, and I feel tingling, prickling, vibrating, warmth, pressure - all this stuff that goes on there. I get bored and my attention wanders to find more exciting content in my thoughts, then I bring it back to find the same old boring stuff. Now what? Don't I have better things to do?"
He certainly may have better things to do. However, mindfulness is not about doing, but Being. Let me make a few points:
1. The body seems boring because it has no stories. It speaks an unstoried, timeless 'language' that bewilders the story-making mind. It is what it is, and not something pointing to something else. In its 'isness', it is however mightily complex, vast and wise.  
2. The body is present moment energy flow unfolding - there is no time, no yesterday and no tomorrow. When in the body you are in the present moment, and from the present moment there is nowhere else to go but to the next present moment, which is always the only present moment there ever is. Ironically, that is when anything in our lives ever happens. That is where life happens. Being in the body means learning to Be.
3. The body is boring until something breaks down and then we come to appreciate how miraculous what used to work was. In other words, we are bored because we stay at the surface of things and are unable to penetrate deep into life's mysteries.
4. What is boredom anyway? It is important to investigate the elements of boredom with the meditation tools we learn. We then realize that it is just another conditioned construction that interferes with being present.
5. The enslaving problem-solving mind is addicted to novelty and speed of movement. It cannot sit still. That is its nature. The problem arises when it ceases to just be a useful tool we can use when necessary, and becomes the defining force creating our reality. In its crusade to try to override the body, the problem-solving mind is like the person cutting the tree branch he is sitting on. Like Oz it appears powerful at first blush, but when revealed, it is but a puppet of the body. Nobody ever gets away with ignoring the body!       


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