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New and Revitalized Retail Space(s) 

Fairhaven - As Fairhaven Furniture continues with their extensive store renovation, Urbanminers gallery space is going to shift to a new location within the expanded building. We will focus on having an eclectic mix of inventory , with only samples,such as units of flooring or really large beams,of our larger volume materials that we store elsewhere. We will focus on items that are complimentary to Fairhaven Furniture's amazing collection and that suit our New haven and regional customers. We hope to have our new display area ready in January.

Big News  

Bridgeport - We have had storage space at 1155 Railroad Avenue in Bridgeport, anticipating the opening of , dare I say, a vast reclaimed/ architectural. industrial salvage store. We have just found out that the facility will be opening in January, starting with Saturday's only. Urbanminers will be one of a number of vendors selling reclaimed building materials, antiques, repurposed and remanufactured goods. We will be posting details of the opening in our next newsletter ,so stay tuned. This is where we anticipate handling our larger volume ( and heavy items) as there are loading docks and that kind of thing that make moving oh say cast iron radiators or tubs, or units of lumber,  easier. 
Urbanminers current storage in Bridgeport

This is why I used the term "vast". An array of  vendors with antiques, architectural elements ,re-manufactured items and more will fill this space that will be open on Saturdays beginning in January

Salvaged AND Remanufactured 

Meanwhile we will be open 10-3 Friday and Saturday at Fairhaven, through the holidays. Along with all of the salvaged materials we obtain, we have also been engaged in providing materials to restaurants, stores and individuals adding to their decor or renovating.  This includes bar tops, counters, tables and shelving.  Below are some samples of 1800's wood that we have sanded and finished, to be used as shelving, table tops or decor. 

The source of the finished boards

Carefully dissembling the walls to save lath and wall planks.

Taking off the roof to get the rafters - 4 x 4 x 18 foot oak

Wall planks - 6/4 x 13 wide oak

Reinstating Gift Cards

A good means to get someone else interested in buying reclaimed perhaps, or to give to someone you know that already shops used. Will be applicable to our Fairhaven and Bridgeport locations.

Gift cards come in 10,20. & 50 dollar amounts.

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