Peace and serenity are only available now.
Don't wait for an illusory future 
with better circumstances 
to bring you happiness.
For sure the time will never come!
Use your awareness in such a way 
that peace is available right now.
If you practice 
with a goal of future peace in mind,
you are doing something wrong.
There is no practice to achieve happiness,
practice is happiness.


Upcoming public lecture
Mindfulness at the annual CEO retreat


  Lecture 1*: 
Simplicity and the bottom-line of mindfulness 

Saturday, October 4, 2014
3:00pm - 5:00pm  

Are you going places? 
... building a career, accumulating assets, raising a family, planning vacations, seeking fun, thinking about retirement ...
... you raise in rank, you get wealthier, your kids grow, you buy stuff, you invest, you age ...
... in the process you experience your share of challenges, problems, losses, illnesses, accidents, tragedies, deaths, stresses ... 
... as best you can you try to solve them, overcome them, cope with them, accept them ... 
... and yes, you suffer - to various degrees, at different times, in different circumstances, and increasingly so as you age. So many places you thought you were reaching just vanish like mirages in the desert, you try to find ways out of your suffering. You seek, and no matter what you say you are seeking (money, power, prestige or God), what are you really seeking?


Where are you going? Where is your life going? What places are you going to - really? How successful is your search for what you are missing and always imagine you should have in an unforeseeable future? Isn't there an easier way to live the meaningful life?


* All lectures provide some common-sense directions about how to practice mindfulness.


I recently presented a workshop on mindfulness at the CEO Global Network annual retreat


It was a most enjoyable and informative experience. This group of CEOs was a delightful collection of gregarious and open-minded people. It was very inspiring that everyone was willing to be vulnerable and look at him/herself more deeply, in order to become better at using the energy flow of the organism that we all are. If pursued, this leads to greater inner peace, better relationships with our loved ones and co-workers, clearer and more creative thought patterns, and greater effectiveness as CEO. 


We need 'great CEOs', men and women in leadership who can model what it means to get along, find consensus, bring people together instead of driving them apart, foster talent and excellence by minimizing bad stress, and follow a vision with the wellbeing of their employees in mind. Wellbeing is good for business!


This is what the group organizer wrote: 

'On behalf of myself and the entire group, please accept our heartfelt thanks for participating in our retreat and having opened up our minds even further to the world of possibilities of "Mindfulness".

We all took away a great deal from your professional, passionate and patient presentation of the subject you love. Thank you for sharing this with us and being inspiring.'


Indeed, it is a subject I love, but I loved it even more to be part of a group of leaders who care about the wellbeing of the people they lead.


Thank you!


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