Prediction is a creation. 
Once an event has been announced, 
it exists, it is true, 
and despite still having to occur, 
it is more real and significant than a fact that has already occurred
This is why the future is so much more important than the past.

Last call  to sign up for the 
Mindsight Intensives
A deep little treat

Dear Mindfulness Community,

Here we are - the fall has arrived and with it the rush to fill the halls of learning. 

Our learning is in the most positive sense of the term a negative one. It is about unlearning so as to become more transparent to transcendence. Our downfall into the cascade of suffering occurs because we misappropriate subjective experiences as belonging to us - 'my' arm, 'my' sadness, 'my' thought. In reality, not only is nothing mine, but I have precious little control over 'my' life that is not mine anyway. This planet is not mine - I am just a visitor. All it takes is to check this out for a few minutes, and you will find the degree to which you can't control your thoughts, your body and your life mind-boggling.  

The challenge is to realize that the sense of possessiveness is a rigidity that impedes the flow of truth and a clear view of reality. When we are afraid of our fundamental emptiness, we take possession of reality, the way we try to push the river when we are afraid of flowing with it. Having then become an entity, we lose touch with our flowing nature. Our true identity is the vast incomprehensibility of nature.  

Dr. T. 

So far we have again 2 sizable groups this fall of over 15 people in each group having signed up so far. The vast majority of people are interested in non-dual awareness, combined with IPNB when helpful or necessary. This allows me to run the same curriculum in both groups.

There are still a few spots available if you want to join!

You can find a short synopsis of this year's curriculum in the last newsletter. However, while basking in the soothing shade of an olive grove, caressed by a cool Tuscan breeze, my non-focused mind in down-time mode, wandering and relaxing without any specific goal, at times even gleefully polluted by a Limoncello that bathed my neurons in the suave fragrance of its spirit, I had visions of unnecessary boundaries breaking wide open, boundaries that we impose on ourselves with the result of obfuscating the transparency between all facets of reality. I thus intend (without Limoncello) to push further into previously intuited, now more directly visible territory of inquiry, by showing the uselessness of limiting categories in my way of teaching and our way of learning. 
Please express your preference between Mondays 6-8 or Thursdays 6:45-8:45. The courses start September 28 for the MO group and October 1st for the TH group, and they will run for 36 weeks. The cost will be the same as last year, $60 per session, payable in 3 installments of 760$ each (3 x 12 sessions), beginning of fall, winter and spring.
To sign-up just call 905 338 1386 or


Relevance and depth can c ome from anywhere. Here is a short clip by Charlie Winston ....


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I cannot express enough gratitude for being able to enjoy the privilege of working with so many talented, thoughtful, irreverent, creative and dedicated fellow travelers on this journey of inquiry, transformation and daily life application of what is most important for our human existence.

With kind regards,

Dr. T.

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