An Update from us on COVID-19
Dear friends,

Peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

As you are all aware, the incidence of the corona virus, COVID-19, is on a dramatic rise. It’s happening all over the country. As a result our state and our denomination have issued new directives for group gatherings - and those include churches. (I will include those at the bottom of this note.)

Starting today, Friday the 13th (seems appropriate, right?), we are suspending all in-person group gatherings at the church. There is some possibility for us returning as early as early December, but we will remain fluid with that, paying attention to the newest data.

There is, at this moment, one exception. Whatever we need to do for the Operation Christmas Child program will continue - with all safety precautions included. There are currently no other exceptions.

This is not an over-abundance of caution. It’s just caution. It’s just careful. It’s. It’s just faithful. I take the role of shepherd seriously. So do you. We shepherd each other in a multitude of ways - and this is one.

We are working on a way for us to be in worship in cyberspace - stay tuned for new developments.

In the meantime, remember we do not have to be IN church to BE the church. Check up on each other. Shepherd each other. Let me know if you have questions or concerns. (217.653.8305 ... I may not answer immediately but I will call you back!)

Be patient. Stay safe. Be well.

With prayers for peace and grace,

Rev. Wally