Masking changes
during indoor worship

Because recent CDC guidelines have changed on indoor masking as a result of COVID virus Delta-Variant spread, and scientific insights on this variant coming to light regarding vaccinated people and their potential to spread this variant, I am writing to inform you that we (Dr. Don and I, with advise from the Reopening Task Force) have decided to reinstate required mask wearing for ALL congregants when attending Sunday services for the time being, regardless of vaccination status. This is being done out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of all congregants in uncertain conditions. Let’s be clear. I’m not at all happy about this, nor was anyone on the committee, but as I’ve said in the past, the safety of the congregation comes first, always. 

Right now, masking is what’s needed to maximize safety in the face of uncertainty. 

Though congregant attendees will be masked, we will still pass the offering plate, attendance pads (because surfaces are not the way COVID is transmitted) and singing will still be conducted during service. Though singing will be done masked.

This is a very dynamic situation, and as circumstances change, so will we at FCC. As soon as this masking requirement can be rescinded or adjusted while maintaining an adequate level of safety for the overall congregation, we will do so. I will keep you informed.

Love to you all,
Bill Kemp
Church Council Moderator
Rev. Dr. Don Longbottom
Transitional Lead Minister / (480) 322-5779
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