The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards



The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
announces the results of the BEST SHOT Competition
and congratulates the winning artists
Best Shot winning images
(Due to webiste redesign and maintenance, images will be posted in in the week of May 30th)

9280 images were received from 57 countries
960 (10.3%) images
passed the first screening and were entered
into the second screening.
186 images (2% of the total submitted) of 137 artists
were selected to be featured in the Book 2011 Best Shots.

Countries (39) of the selected artists:

Spain, Singapore, Iran, USA, Thailand,  Romania, Hungary,
United Kingdom, Venezuela, Italy, Dominican Republic, Finland,
Brazil, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Namibia, Bulgaria,
Netherlands, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, France, Lithuania,
Australia, Croatia, Slovakia, Iceland, Canada, Poland, Belgium,
South Africa, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Norway, India, Vietnam,
and Saudi Arabia.



Alicia Moneva, Spain
""The Inconscient"; "The impotence"; "The Guilt"; "The Fear"; "The Confidence"



Ukay Cheung, Singapore
"Marianne"; "ReBirth"; "Might"; "Supper Butterfly"; "The Bird"

Vahid Ghasemi Zarnoosheh, Iran,
"Desert";  "The only Cloud"; "Child on Fire"; "Abstract"; "Futurity"



Anne Berry, USA,
"Baboon in Window"; "Nola"

Claude Peschel Dutombe, Thailand,
"Rose#2"; "Rickshaw Driver"

Dale Johnson, USA,
"Abandoned"; "Hay Path in Fog"; "Guardian of the Path"; "The Night Watchman"

Marguerite Garth, USA,
"Cat O Nine Talks"; Ancient Tree"; "The Forsaken #6"

Martin Gremm; USA;
"Goodbyes"; "The appointment"; Thought"; "Face Time"

Mishu Vass, Romania,
"The War is Over"; "100 Feet Under"; "Safe from Harm"

Robb Johnson,
USA, "Bench and Path"; "Iron Horse"

Szab� Tibor, Hungary,
"Ecce Homo"; "The Walls Around Us"



Adam Troman United Kingdom,
"Ice Bar"

Akos Horwath, Hungary,

Alex Colley, United Kingdom,
"Silk Workshop"

Ana Sarri�n Bosque, Spain,
"Young Africa"

Andres Roget, Venezuela,

Ann Brandeis, USA,
"Nobody's Listening"

Annalaura Masciav�, Italy,
"Simplicity"; "Floating on the Air"

Bob Garas, USA,
"Playing the Blues"

Bob Tetro, USA,
"Lepp Institute Model"

Bobbie Goodrich,
USA, "Impassioned"

C E Morse, USA,
"Sumac and Snow"

Carlos Garc�a, Dominican Republic,
"Hollow Bride"

Carlos Santos, Finland,
"Sea Front, Fort Kochin, India"

Christopher Daniel, USA,
"Son House"

Clerio Back, Brazil,
"Worker's Grid"

D.L. Johnsen, USA,
"Nest of Life and Death"

Dagomir Kaszlilowski, Singapore,

Daniel Chowen, USA,
"Beautiful Dirty"

Daniel Th�rler, Switzerland,
"Half Portrait"

Darya Brister, USA,

Dick Simon, USA,
"The Plaza, Chichicas"

Dimitri Bogachuk,
Ukraine, "Stones"

Dimitry Kuznetsov,
Belarus, "Portrait #1"

Don Gurewitz, USA,
"Casting the Net"; Museum Staircase"; Mule Train"; "Festival Hours"

E.J. Carr, USA,
"Mary of the Old Head"; Mary and the Caravan"; "Virginia James"

Edward L. Rubin,
USA, "Veil"; "Burt's Bed"

Edward Olive, Spain,

Emily Labouerie, USA,
"In the Kitchen"

Erica Ann Flood, USA,
"Mae and Becky"

Ernst Gouws, Namibia,
"Breathless Clouds"

Eska Palmer; USA,
"The Props Assist the House"

Frank Myers, USA,
"Hawaiian Surfers at Sunset"

Galina Yotova, Bulgaria,

Geo Oplaat, Netherlands,
"Alvor Scenery"

Gianni Forte, United Kingdom,
"The House of The Dolls"; "Kilie"

Glennis Siverson, USA,
"Sweet Dreams"

Harry Carr, United Kingdom,
"Girl from Toulouse"

Hendro Hioe, Indonesia,

Hugh Jones, USA,
"To the Stars", "Bridge at Halong Bay, Vietnam"; "Obscured by Clouds"

Ian Danielson, USA,
"Three Wishes"

J.T. Blatty, USA,

Jace Becker, USA,
"A Guiding LIght"; "Rite of Passage"

Jack Feder, USA,

Jacqueline Roberts, Germany,

James Tulloch, United Kingdom,
"Beware of the wet Dog"

Jane Gottlieb, USA,

Janine Rewinski, USA,

Javier Sanchez Martinez, Spain,

Jennifer Tolep, USA,

Jessica Rigley, United Kingdom,
"Sleep"; "Daffodils"

Jocelynn Weiss, USA,
"Pedriatic Ward of Heart Hostipal in Kathmandu, Nepal"

Joe Ng, Singapore,

John Bergholm, USA,
"Flying Solo"

Juan Jos� Aguilar L�pez, M�xico,
"My Family"

Julie Ramage, France,
"Sara #2"; "Untitled #4"

Kendra Stoner, USA,
"At Last"

Kundrotas Martynas, Lithuania,
"Rainy Days"

Kylie Foley, Australia,
"In the Shadow"

Lana Cosic, Croatia,

Laszlo Selly, USA,
"At the Wall"

Laurie McCormick, USA,
"Fan Art"

Lennette Newell, USA,
"Zebra Study 929"

Liz Brown, USA,

Lukas Ondrousek, Slovakia,
"Road to La Calobra, Spain"

Mareva Nardelli, Iceland,
"The Musician"

Marianna Glynska, Ukraine,

Mark Sharfman, USA,
"Beauty at Rest"

Marlene Miyamoto, USA,
"Morning in Mali"

Mathieu Vincent, France,
"Sunrise Sensations"; Sunrise Sensations #7"; "Sunrise Sensations #2"

Matthews Lee, United Kingdom,
"Ka ora' Ka ora' "

Michael LaGrassa, USA,

Michael Maher, USA,

Michele Taras, Canada,
"Liberate"; "Color Palette"

Mikl�s Fi�th, Hungary,
"On the Top"

Mohammad Maysami, USA,
"On the Vedge"

Nenad Saljic, Croatia,

Nicola Esposito, Italy,
"Dancing on the Beach"; "Pick the Milk"

Nikola Truszkowska, Poland,

Patricia Viette, Belgium,
"Ancient Poetry"

Patrick Lemmens, South Africa,
"Moses Mabhida Arch"

Patrizia Burra, Italy,
"The last Tie"; "The hand"; "Man at Work"

Pavla Teie, USA,
"Rooms"; "Jewish Cemetery #1"

Petra Lang, Romania,

Priscilla Pompa, Mexico,
"We Are Slowly Decaying"

Regan Daniels, USA,
"Up and Away"

Robb Johnson, USA,
"Bench and Path"; "A Chair by her Bed"

Robert Medina Cook, USA,
"Under the Comanche Moon"

Robin Cook, Australia,
"Pelikans x 4"

Roland Serani, United Kingdom,
"DLPD-The Cloud"

Roman Solar, Slovakia,
"Wanderer"; "From Dusk till Dawn"

Saikat Mukherjee, India,

Sandro Tedde, Italy,
"Still Life"; "The Empire of Light"

Sara Occhipinti, USA,
"Io Non Luogo #1"

Scott Erickson, USA,
"Contrasting Styles"

Shane Powers, USA,
"Contemplating Alcatraz"

Shira Raz, Israel,
"Poker Face #3"

Soleyman Mahmoudi, Iran,

Stelios Karatheodorou, Greece,
"Bed Maker"

Stephen Spiller, USA,
"Paris Lady"

Steve Evans, Australia,

Steve Reynolds, United Kingdom,
"Little Ms Riding Hood"; "The Conversation"

Story Taylor, Portugal,

Susan Graham, USA,
"New Life"

Susan Morry, Canada,
"A Ballerina #3"

Susi Eggenberger, USA,
"Irish Travellers #2"

Suzi Livingstone, United Kingdom,
"Grey Wings"

Takano Jun, USA,
"Untitled #10"

Tamas Boczko, Hungary,
"Red Bull Air Race, Budapest 2008"

Terri Bahun, USA,
"Chick Power"

Thomas Wright, United Kingdom,
"Seal Sands, Tees Mouth"

Tina Kunkle, USA,
"White Beauty"

Tom Knudsen, Norway,

Tomas Beatrice, United Kingdom,

Tonya Dailey, USA,
"Tween Beauty"

Uday Hedge, India,

Urs Jenzer, Switzerland;
"China, Reisterassen"; "Weisser Baum"; "China, Schlafender Mann"; "Mohn 2"

Ursula Sokolowska, USA,
"Union & Cermak, Behind Skylark, Chicago"

Verity Assad, United Kingdom,
"A Ganster's Prayer"

Victoria Herring, USA,
"Still Life in Bhutan"; "Through a Rome Doorway"

Viet Van Tran, Vietnam,
"Decisive Moment"

Washington Kenneth, USA,

William Castellana, USA,
"Glove Study #1"

Yi Ching (Mom� Lee), Italy,
"Mr. Sun"

Zsuzsanna Dofka, Hungary,
"Lunatic"; Once Upon a Time"; "The Guest"; "Cold Riverbank"

Zuhair Al Traifi, Saudi Arabia,
"Don't Say A Word"

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