February 18, 2019
The year 2018 was the year that bore the fruit of many years' labors. I graduated with my bachelor's in marketing and began a rewarding career with one of our area's best companies. 2018 was a very fruitful year.

Now, only two months into 2019, the good fortune has multiplied, as I have married my best friend and became the new co-owner of Madison Fitness Center and Budokai Martial Arts.

These wonderful changes have had one drawback; long work days of over 12 hours, leaving me with very little time to spend with my new husband and enjoy my friends and family. It has also been nearly impossible for me to invest the time required to bring you top quality classes. It's been months since I've memorized new content or provided something to enhance and spice up your experiences, and for that I sincerely apologize.

After speaking with Mike and spending much time debating my options, we feel it's time for me to step down from this role as of May 20, 2019, so I can direct my energy towards my career as a market analyst, and assist with the businesses that Mike and I own together.

Our fitness classes are a wonderful environment, rich with friendships built on common goals of self-improvement which should not stop. Natalie Pry has graciously stepped forward to carry the torch and continue this beautiful movement on in her own way. She will be reaching out to evaluate the days and times that best fit her and your schedule.

Your needs are our priority and we wish to present you with options that work for you. For those who have purchased Fit with Sandy punch cards within the past year, you have three months to use the classes with me while I'm still here. If you're unable to finish all of the classes, the cards will still be valid for Natalie's classes. Also, they may be used at Madison Fitness Center for a day pass, which gives you access to the gym during regular business hours and any of the fitness classes there. Visit www.mad-fit.com to learn about those options.

FWS members, if you chose to continue your membership until I leave, the last payment will be in March, which will take your membership through April, and you may enjoy the rest of May 'on the house.'

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy every last class until May 20. It will be a great privilege watching you all move towards your fitness and wellness goals.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns before or after class, or call/text me at (567) 241-6625. Also you may email me at fitwithsandy1@gmail.com .

With love,

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