Dear friends of privacy,

This evening we made the difficult decision to cancel tomorrow morning’s meeting with the Secretary of State. Despite a tremendous and humbling effort from our faithful core of volunteers, as of 4:30pm, we did not have enough signatures to reasonably believe we will meet the required 246,000 quota to get I-1515 on the ballot.

This is not an easy message to write; so many of you have given so much to come this close. Some of you have carried the weight of ten. You’ve been called names, you’ve lost friendships, you’ve been screamed down. But you weren’t intimidated or deterred. Day after day you faithfully continued to stand. And so will we. And as long as we do, we win because our courage emboldens others.

Just Want Privacy will not give up the fight to protect the state's girls and women and is considering all of its options for repealing the "Open Locker Room" rule. The current law is grotesquely dangerous and in need of dramatic revision. We should have this issue on our minds when we vote this November because a more thoughtful legislature could solve this problem without the challenges of putting an issue on the ballot.  But even if another initiative is necessary, Just Want Privacy and its allies will not give up the fight to reverse this dangerous rule.

We will continue to collect signatures up until the last possible minute tomorrow, and, should enough of them come flooding into our mailbox tomorrow, you had best believe we will bring each and every one of them into the Secretary of State’s office until 4:59pm. Anything is possible, and every last signature counts because it represents another Washingtonian who has been invited to the conversation and is now ready to stand with us.

And stand we must until Washington will no longer discriminate against its women and children and until ALL people have a say about the laws that govern them. May that day come quickly- maybe even tomorrow night.

With love and gratitude for you all,

The Just Want Privacy Team