April 2020
RHIO Issues Verbal Consent Procedure for Telemedicine

Effective March 20, 2020

The New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) is allowing informed, verbal, documented consent of Rochester RHIO services for telehealth visits during the current COVID-19 public health emergency. According to the NYS DOH, "Expanded telehealth may relieve the burden placed on providers due to the increased demand for healthcare while reducing the risk of disease transmission." Verbal consent for telehealth is being allowed in lieu of standard written consent requirements per 10 NYCRR Part 300.

Important: Verbal consent is NOT durable. This means that verbal consent for Rochester RHIO services must be obtained during each telehealth visit, if a patient has not previously provided written consent.

New Resource: COVID-19 Tab on Provider Portal

With all of the changes due to the COVID-19 public health pandemic, we want to keep you informed of the changes from New York State that affect your use of Rochester RHIO services and the Explore clinical query portal.

The COVID-19 tab on the Rochester RHIO Provider Portal is your resource for the latest announcements from Rochester RHIO and SHIN-NY, as well as list of community resources to support you during this time. Email us if you'd like a resource added to this tab.
Coming Soon: RHIO Advances Query Portal to Explore+

This summer, Rochester RHIO will be updating the Explore clinical query portal the most commonly accessed RHIO service. The new version of Explore was built by industry experts to meet the unique challenges of health information exchange. We anticipate that the new Explore+ will allow Rochester RHIO to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of our community, ultimately creating a better user experience. Read more...
Spotlight: Specialty Practice Accelerates Patient Testing through Rochester RHIO
At ​​Elizabeth Wende Breast Care (EWBC), access to prior images and patient data from referring doctors is essential for the care of patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, or who are wondering if they have a cancer diagnosis. Whether visiting for an annual mammogram, or a post-op follow-up, patients seek a seamless care experience that is focused on the best possible health outcomes.

Utilizing health information exchange through Rochester RHIO has allowed EWBC to share diagnoses and second opionions rapidly. This is especially critical in an area of medicine where time is of the essence for a patient.

Watch to see how a patient's cancer journey was impacted through health information exchange.

*Rochester RHIO would like to thank Elizabeth Wende Breast Care and the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC).*
February's Quick Poll Result

In February, we asked if you use RHIO's secure messaging service DIRECT? And if so, how do you use it through Rochester RHIO ? Here are the answers:

  1. Care management and care coordination
  2. To access RHIO Alerts
  3. Exchange info with a referral partner
  4. To get the most updated information on the people I support.
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